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Ski Trip to Banff, Canada

We so excited for our ski trip to Banff, Canada in March next year. This is one of our biggest trips we’ve planned to date, and it’s set to be one of the biggest and best yet, with places filling up within hours of announcing it!

Discover beautiful Canada

Banff, Canada is home to one of the best ski resorts in the world, not to mention stunning scenery and wildlife. Here, you can take in the surroundings with various outdoor activities such as hiking, glacier walking and dogsledding, or relax in the Banff Hot Springs and enjoy the Apres ski after dark.

Whether you’re a seasoned skier or a novice looking to learn to snowboard, the snowfall in Canada is pretty perfect in March for all types of winter activities. If the snow isn’t for you, then hiking in the National Parks is an experience that is second to none, with the opportunity tospot wildlife such as elks and grizzly bears.

And then of course there’s the Apres Ski. Banff is also home to a whole host of restaurants and bars where you can enjoy some hearty local cuisine and sip on cocktails in front of an open fire. And there’s nothing better than that after a day in the fresh mountain air.

The perks of being a Travel Consultant

At The Travel Franchise, we know that one of the biggest attractions of becoming a Travel Consultant is the lifestyle it allows. If you’re a frequent skier, then you’ll know that trips like this don’t come cheap, but when you’re in the industry, one of the perks is having exclusive access to some of the best holiday deals.

So we’ve teamed up with some of our best suppliers to arrange the trip of a lifetime for our Travel Consultants. The trip will be heavily subsidised with activities and entertainment organised by the tour operator to really make this a fantastic experience for all, even those that don’t ski!

Meet your fellow Travel Consultants

One of the biggest concerns new franchisees have when they join us is the thought of working from home getting lonely sometimes. However, at The Travel Franchise we are one big family, and host these regular trips and events to help you socialise with fellow Travel Consultants.

We host a lot of overseas training trips, but this ski trip is purely for our Travel Consultants to have fun and let their hair down (with the added benefit of becoming a Banff expert in the process). These trips are designed to keep morale high and allow our Travel Consultants the opportunity to see the world for less.

A new lifestyle for 2019

If you’d like he chance to be joining us on similar trips in the future, then check out our Discovery Site to find out just how easy it is to start your own travel business.

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