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Social media training for free – how our new social media manager is on hand to help

Worried about finding customers and engaging them on social media? 

Lacking time to create a scroll-stopping post or campaign? Nervous about being in front of the camera? Or do you just need a kick start?

Invest in a franchise with us and our new social media manager, Amy-Louise, will train you.

“When social media is your shop window you need to be the face of the business. My role is all about upskilling and teaching travel consultants how to use social media.” 

Amy-Louise will be rolling out a training strategy to help travel agents create beautiful content and encourage anyone who is a bit afraid to confidently put themselves in front of the camera. 

“It’s about confidence. Don’t worry about perfection, because people buy from people. If you can shine and share your personality, that’s what’s important.”

Amy-Louise has worked for big brands such as Benefit Cosmetics, MAC Cosmetics, BuyaGift and Red Letter Days in various roles including social media and training. 

“I know what inspires customers to watch, save and double-tap. Working with influencers and utilising content created by our audience and getting out there and bringing products to life.”

As many of our consultants work part time and have other jobs, Amy-Louise will create pre-recorded training sessions that can be accessed at any time of the day.

“Power-hour sessions will allow people to train in their lunch time or evenings. They will cover everything from how to use the camera and how long a video should be, uploading a reel and more.” 

“Travel agents go on amazing trips and it’s important this is shared on social media. As humans we are inherently nosy – we want to know what other people are doing and an agent’s audience will want to know where they are travelling, what ships they are cruising on and what a new hotel looks like.”

Our agents are already benefiting from the tips that Amy-Louise has shared. 

“On a recent company trip to Cyprus, I prepared a session sharing my skills on reels and one agent got a holiday booking on the back of it.”

Amy-Louise will also be attending a couple of new ship tours and plans to create an online content gallery so that agents can take some content and create their own post for their social pages.

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