Success at our first Star Council meeting!

This week saw us host our first ever Star Council meeting.

The Star Council represent you and will listen to your wants and needs as a franchisee to ensure life at The Travel Franchise is a happy one for everyone.

Co-Founders Steve Witt and Paul Harrison headed up the meeting in Stratford-upon-Avon this week, where it was good news all round!

Star Council Objective…

The Star Council will meet monthly to discuss feedback from the field and suggestions for improvement to the business. We believe that feedback from our franchisees is incredibly important, and this is an effective way to create an open forum for ideas to be discussed.

The Travel Franchise are dedicated to working closely with every one of our Travel Consultants, and the Star Council is already proving to be an effective way of doing so.

The Star Council is made up of six board members, four of which were selected by us based on their level and achievements within the business, and two more were selected by the field as their chosen representatives! Members include:

Chairperson: Norma Jordan

  1. David Walker
  2. John Reading
  3. Raine Martin
  4. Lorraine Robinson
  5. Panna Shah
  6. Palvi Harvey

These members will be on the council for 12 months before we  give other franchisees the chance to be on the Star Council.

It was great to see such happy faces during our first meeting, and we had lots of exciting announcements to make too! See what we’re celebrating this month…

Money Back Challenge winner!

We are delighted to announce that October sees another Money Back Challenge winner. This is a unique incentive offered at The Travel Franchise, which gives you the opportunity to win back your franchise fee in FULL.

The challenge is simple. We give you a target to hit within your first twelve months, and if you sell enough holidays, then we’ll give you your money back.

This month we are congratulating Raine Martin for her fantastic achievement. She completed the challenge in around 9 months and we’ll be rewarding her with a nice big cheque ON TOP of her commission!

A huge well done from us all at The Travel Franchise!

Fantastic sales this month…

Not only are we celebrating the Money Back Challenge, but we’ve had some record sales over the past month, and we’d like to congratulate David Walker on his most recent booking of £106,000!

This is a huge booking that has now pushed David over the 5 million mark!

It is amazing to see David hit 5 MILLION POUNDS in sales, and it just goes to show that anyone can make a success out of their own travel business.

David joined The Travel Franchise with no previous experience in the travel industry or in running a business, but with the ongoing training and support we provide our franchisees, these are the amazing results that everyone can achieve!

Catch up with the Star Council…

If you missed our Facebook Live on Tuesday, then you can catch up with all the latest news from The Travel Franchise in the video below!