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Sue Carne’s journey to our highest level of achievement

Sue Carne’s journey to our highest level of achievement

One of the reasons joining The Travel Franchise is so popular among such a broad range of franchisees is because of the ways in which the business can work for each individual’s needs. Sue Carne joined The Travel Franchise with her sights set firmly on achieving business prosperity, and has achieved amazing success through hard work and continued support over the last 4 years of operation.

We have previously mentioned about some of the amazing new additions to our management team, including Dave Pope – our new Sales Director. Dave works closely with each franchisee on their goals and is passionate about helping people maximize their earning potential and reap the rewards of their hard work. This new addition is by no means the only way in which we ensure our consultants success though, and with the many different training and mentorship programmes we have had for a number of years now, we are seeing more and more stories of success from veteran consultants.

Sue became a franchisee back in September 2015, purchasing the Elite package. She had some previous experience in franchising, but was new to the industry. “I had a property franchise before joining The Travel Franchise” she explained to us in a recent catch up. “I went to a Discovery Event, met Steve and Paul and it just seemed right!”

After completing her due diligence and deciding that the Elite package was right for her, she was invited down to our Head Office in Bournemouth for her training week with her fellow new franchisees. “We all probably got on too well! The social side [of the week] was great! The Training itself was intense, but fun. My first few weeks were relatively slow due to a holiday I had planned, but after that I felt very supported by the corporate team, especially my Personal Travel Coach, Norma.”

Soon after her initial training, she was invited to our Millionaires Retreat as part of the next step in her development journey. “I attended my first retreat in October 2015. It was very useful and definitely helped me get my business to the next level.”

Since the retreat back in 2015, Sue has risen through the ranks at Not Just Travel and is now a member of our Platinum 3* achievement level (our highest achievement level yet). Our success ladder was designed to recognise the hard work of our highest earners, and the newly formed Platinum 3* was created as a result of the consistent increase in sales volume from franchisees of all levels.

Sue has progressed remarkably over the last 4 years, but it is important to remember that she was once just a prospect looking to invest in a new start, and reassured by the commitment we have to developing each and every one of our franchisees. From our media archives we found an interview she had with Paul just after finishing her training week. If only she knew then just what lay in store for her! Watch below:

With the continued development to our training and mentorship, we are seeing even more opportunity for new franchisees of all ages and backgrounds to develop their businesses and reap the rewards of being a home based entrepreneur.

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