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Super Saturday was amazing!!!

On Saturday we held our first Super Saturday event where you had the chance to come and meet The Travel Franchise founders and some of the existing travel consultants to learn lots of valuable information about this opportunity.
For four hours we covered every aspect of the business and although we said we would only be 3 hours (so we over run by 1 hour) not one single person left the packed room.

At the end everyone flocked to the front for more information and as I write this only 3 days later we have had 6 people join us already with more to come.

So as someone evaluating our business what does this tell you?

My interpretation is this…

All who attended were in exactly the same position as you. They have a genuine interest and they made a commitment to come and check it out properly.

The fact that 6 have joined already with many more to follow shows that “we have something”. This is a £10K or £15K business, and yet people have acted immediately and paid to join.

I am sure you agree “it must be good” – your interest must be piqued as a result of this?

The next Super Saturday will be held in March/April but you don’t have to wait.

Remember, 98% of our franchisee’s join without meeting us.

I encourage you to call me, hear about all what was shared on the day and get to the position where you can make a real, proper, informed decision as to whether you want to be part of the success story we are writing.

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