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Supporting the travel industry with The Travel Nation

When COVID-19 accelerated its spread across the globe, the travel industry was hit with an unprecedented challenge. The first priority for travel consultants was to help those affected; including getting them home safely or sorting out their future travel arrangements.

Where possible, many customers chose to reschedule or rebook holidays for the future. As that period settled down, co-founders Steve and Paul looked outward and asked how everyone in the travel industry could come together to help each other.

The answer came in the form of: The Travel Nation. It’s a simple but effective initiative, starting as a Facebook group.

Designed for anyone in the travel industry, whether it be franchisees, travel agents, homeworkers, suppliers, hoteliers and tour operators, The Travel Nation is a community in which to share ideas and positivity.

With 700+ members already, it’s fast become a home for inspiring ideas to help travel businesses grow and gives focus to inspire action during these quieter periods and to get ready for the expected high demand for holidays once the situation is over.

‘With so many people in travel hurting right now, not knowing what the next few months look like, we wanted to share information, advice and support which can help. It’s important we all work together to ensure that when the COVID-19 situation is over, the industry is strong and everyone is ready to cope with the expected demand’. 

Steve Witt. Co-founder at Not Just Travel and The Travel Franchise
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