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The Best just got Better!

On Thursday 19th February the Travel Franchise Industry in the UK changed as we know it.
Via webinar to existing franchisee’s, Managing Director, Steve Witt and Franchise Director, Paul Harrison explained how they have evolved their already featured packed Travel Consultant ELITE position.
The Travel Franchise was quite literally the success story of 2014 with more than one new franchisee joining per week and the company launching three major initiatives.
Their ELITE position was launched in February 2014 for those who are looking to really maximise the opportunity available to them.
Steve & Paul however believe in continuous improvements and last night Evolved the position to include the following:
  • Elite Experience Managers – dedicated customer support to Elite franchisee’s only
  • Elite Mastermind Groups – twice monthly conference calls covering all aspects of the business
  • Elite Technical Support – set up and creation of email marketing systems plus lots of other technical support
  • Elite Partners in travel gift – £1400 worth of FREE Partners in Travel website to attract Travel Partners to joint venture with you
  • Elite UK Retreat – weekend retreat in 5 star hotel to plan your review your business and plan for future
  • Elite Dubai Experience – 5 day trip to Dubai to hear from Millionaire speakers in a money cannot buy experience
The idea is that those who join as a Travel Consultant ELITE will be taken on a 12 month journey of personal development.
It is impossible to learn everything with just a week’s training at our HQ so we are committed to your development in all area’s including:
  • Becoming a professional travel agent
  • Being an Entrepreneur
  • Becoming a professional marketer and having your phone ring continuously
Most people who join our business have never been in travel before. Many have never been self–employed before and many do this part-time initially working from home.
And so we have structured our business model to cater for all different types of individual.
“What we know from experience is that most people need help and support for at least six months, regardless of past experience or not” – Steve Witt
Lots of companies talk about help and support but we don’t just talk about it we prove it.
As a Travel Consultant ELITE you will:
  • Enjoy a one week training at our HQ in Bournemouth
  • Enjoy a Millionaires Retreat in an amazing location
  • Enjoy a UK retreat in 5 star surroundings
  • And enjoy our Elite Dubai Experience
This is not just help and support this is mentorship.
By joining us you will have access to millionaires who have succeeded in business and in travel. In addition we have special guest speakers at our events who can help in other area’s of business and personal development, all of whom have been wildly successful themselves.
So please do not wonder will you get any help – our infrastructure is incredible and is dedicated to your development.
** Please understand that this is an enhancement to our existing ELITE position. So all of our existing ELITE Travel Consultants have received these benefits as a FREE upgrade. **
In addition to the above all Travel Consultants have access to:
  • Training Co-Ordinators,
  • Business Development Managers
  • Weekly Team Conference Calls
  • Facebook Forum
And our Elite Travel Consultants will now have twice Monthly Mastermind Groups moving forward.
2015 has already been a massive success for us and January, February and March trainings have all fully sold out.
“We hope the above encourages you to pick up the phone and continue your due-diligence and research” – Paul Harrison
Call today and hear some of the other great things we have in store.
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