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The Canary Islands offer sun, sea, sand, and safety for tourists

The Canary Islands reopen to tourists this week, offering sun, sea, sand, and safety. What better product to start selling when you join?

It’s been great news for everyone in travel this week… The Canaries, Maldives, Denmark, and Mykonos all back on the safe travel corridor list.

This is BIG news as the Canary Islands are very popular with winter holidaymakers, sun worshippers, and those looking to get away before the Christmas rush.

The Canary Islands rank as one of Europe’s most tourism-dependent regions, last year they received more than 15 million visitors! 5 million of which are Brits.

The Canary Islands include Lanzarote, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, and Fuerteventura, which are all key destinations for UK airlines and tour operators.

Each island is unique, offering both secluded, quieter beaches, more popular watersport beaches, hiking trails, whale spotting, and even National Parks. There is something for everyone.

In this podcast episode, each special guest will focus on one of the four Canary Islands, sharing why they think people should visit, with a vote at the end. Hosted by Steve Witt, our Co-Founder, it’s a great listen.

Click play below to start listening….
Or why not catch up with Steve and Lauren on the announcement of The Canary Islands opening back up.

Are you ready to take advantage of our Halloween offer which ends this Sunday? And the promise of sun, sea, sand, and safety for your customers. If so, reach out to our team on live chat to book a call.

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