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The Elite Experience is a unique way to grow your business while you have fun seeing the world

As dawn breaks in Mauritius, one of the best places to watch the sunrise is Le Morne Brabant

With 360 degree views of the hills, forests and beaches, it’s an amazing way to get a new perspective on the island.

It’s just one of the events 30 of our franchisees could take part in, during our recent exclusive training programme called The Elite Experience. 

Held in a luxury long-haul location, it’s part-classroom learning, part-adventure. People tell us it’s worth the cost of the franchise by itself.

Read on to find out why – and how you could be on an Elite Experience soon.

The 5am hike was worth it to see the sunrise at Le Morne Brabant!

The Elite Experience is available when you’re ready to make the most of it

When you join The Travel Franchise, you get an instant travel business.

It saves you years of development. ABTA bonding, commercial relationships, travel agent tools, technology, branding and marketing are all available from day one.

Yet, none of these are worthwhile unless you know how to use them to get and keep loyal customers.

That’s why we also provide ongoing training, support and mentorship programmes to help create a travel business that works for you.

But taking part in an Elite Experience in your first weeks as a new travel consultant wouldn’t be the best use of your time.

Instead, all the training is geared to help you ramp up your business at a pace that is sustainable.

  • Our comprehensive initial training week is where we teach you the basics. We make sure you can get customers booking with you as quickly as possible.
  • Then you’re assigned a Partnership Manager, who looks after you day-to-day.
  • And, as you get more experienced, we’ll help you develop additional skills so that your business can become stronger. 
Classroom learning in Mauritius

The training and mentorship expands in sync with your business

All our mentorship programmes are optional.

This is your business, so you get to decide how to run it.

But, if you want the training, it’s there for you. And we really don’t skimp on the details.

The exclusive Millionaires Retreat is where you first take your skills to the next level. It’s a week-long programme that helps you start to work on your business, instead of just in it. There’s a virtual version as well as a short-haul trip to a luxury destination.

We see franchisees really take their business forward once they get back from this training week, like franchisee Lynn.

“I was really amazed at the number of speakers who came to talk to us… I now have a notebook that’s completely full. We’ve all come away with action plans that we believe in, that are do-able and that we’re excited about!”

Travel consultant Lynn

The Elite Experience is a unique way to get inspired – and go beyond what you might have thought was possible

On the Elite Experience, we’ll help you realise the full potential of both yourself and your travel business. You can come on it as part of any Elite package or above.

It’s where we see an even bigger change in the mindset of the people who attend. Co-founder Paul explains:

“When people get back from this trip (and often during it) I see a real change in how they view the world. They’re no longer a travel consultant. They become a travel entrepreneur, ready to go way beyond what they initially thought was possible. It’s my favourite part of the journey!”

Paul Harrison, co-founder

The latest Elite Experience has just finished – and it was one of the best ever!

We’re just back from Mauritius, where 30 of our consultants spent an incredible week as guests of Beachcomber, one of our key partners.

We tried out multiple luxury hotels in their range, so that our consultants would have first-hand experience of them. It means they’ll now be able to communicate their outstanding quality to their customers.

Part of each day was spent in the classroom. Franchisees spent time working on their business plans with us, as well as learning some advanced skills, strategies and techniques they can apply from other successful consultants. 

Each night we were treated to VIP dinners by private chefs, sampling the variety of wonderful food available on the island. Take a look at the Indian themed night in the pictures below.

There was plenty of time for relaxation and adventure

As well as all the hotel based learning & dining, we also got out around the island for some wonderful experiences. It meant our consultants could really get immersed in the environment – which really helps when it’s time to speak passionately about it to people thinking of going.

Alongside our early morning hike up the mountain to watch the sunrise, we also took in a sunset catamaran cruise. Complete with cocktails of course!

Franchisees also got up close and personal with the island’s giant tortoises on one of our trips.

And we even organised a very special excursion to really get to know the island. 

We gave everyone a car, a treasure map and tasks to achieve. Everyone had to find their way around the island, using nothing but a physical map and talking to locals. It showed our consultants just how easy it is to get around and how friendly people are – yet another topic they can add to their customer conversations.

It’s fair to say that everyone came back from the latest Elite Experience exhilarated, entertained and excited for the future of their business.

Consultant Judy told us that she can’t wait to get back to work:

“What a fantastic trip that was. I have made so many changes and feel so much more in control of my business now.”

Travel consultant Judy was on the last Elite Experience

And consultant Rachel provided this fantastic 5 star review on Trustpilot.

Would you love to be on an Elite Experience soon? Talk to us today about starting your very own travel business from home.

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