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The Experience of a Lifetime!

The Elite Experience marks the third phase of graduation in our training and mentorship programme. Available to all Elite and Supreme consultants, the Elite Experience is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to the lucky individuals who attend. The Elite Experience combines 2 important contributions to the development of attendees, whilst also providing an unforgetable experience in a five star destination!


Our team this year were guests of Beachcomber Tours. Beachcomber specialise in 5 star luxury resorts, offering unparalelled service at breathtaking destinations around the world. Beachcomber have 8 resorts on the island of Mauritius, and the team were able to visit each one and learn about the unique differences they offer. They were also invited to stay at 4 of those resorts during their time there.

In order to better promote Beachcomber’s venues, we teamed up with them to create a tailor-made trip for our consultants. There was a new activity organised for each day, ranging from treasure hunts and cocktail making classes to authentic Maurician dancing and hiking the legendary Le Morne.

Familiarization trips are a very important concept within the travel industry. They provide an essential path for consultants to learn more about a destination and be able to offer personal experiences of their time there.

The Elite Experience provides this concept in a five star format. Suppliers are delighted to arrange this exclusive five star experience for Not Just Travel as they understand the hard work we put into the development of all franchisees up to this point in their journey with us.

Our guide for the event was Rupert. Rupert works closely with us on behalf of Beachcomber to ensure we are supported when making bookings with them and know about all of the new offers and developments that they have. Not Just Travel have a similar working relationship with each and every supplier we use (over 500!), and a dedicated Head Office team responsible for managing our supplier relationships and liaising on behalf of each consultant.

Rupert Diggins – Regional Sales Manager, Beachcomber Tours

“Hosting our second Not Just Travel Elite Experience in Mauritius we once again found this event to be the perfect opportunity for Beachcomber Tours to showcase not only our eight very different luxury and family friendly hotels on the island but also to demonstrate that Mauritius is more than just a beach destination.
Attendees enjoyed a catamaran sunset cruise, cocktail making, a treasure hunt around the tourist resort of Grande Baie and its fun nightlife, a self drive tour of the island taking in the nature parks and rugged mountain scenery, an Indian themed evening of music and fine cuisine and if that was not enough some got up early one morning and climbed the iconic Le Morne mountain.
Throughout the trip we found the travel consultants keen to engage and learn about both Beachcomber and Mauritius as a destination which coupled with their own business sessions on sales and performance should ensure increased sales from the group going forward.”

Learning and Development

Whilst the team enjoyed all of the fun activities planned, the week was first and foremost about graduating from the third level of our exclusive mentorship programme. The classroom was split into 3 important stages, providing a platform for new foundations.

Day 1: Reflection and Planning

In order to create a suitable action plan, it is first important to reflect on where you have come from and the experiences you have had along the way. By mapping out their own individual journeys consultants were able to understand their strengths and weaknesses and put together a firm set of goals for their future time with Not Just Travel.

Steve and Paul also used this time as an opportunity to discuss digital marketing strategies and the benefits this can have in an ever increasingly digital world. Not Just Travel is committed to operating at the cutting edge of new technological developments and it is a huge area of training that we provide to all consultants

Attentive eyes in the classroom – Day 1

Day 2: The Wake Up

In the classroom on day 2, Paul gathered the group to discuss their shortcomings as entrepreneurs. This was an opportunity for harsh reflection on what they may have been doing wrong and where they need to improve.

The next step was to discuss a key component in the steps to success: Bravery. Fear is something we must all overcome in our personal and professional lives. By showing bravery, we do not deny our fear; we master it.

What type of entrepreneur are we trying to be? Day 2

Day 3: One step at a time

The last classroom day was focused on important sales techniques. Ultimately, success is measured in sales. And an established entrepreneur must also be a good salesperson. Our Head Office team have a selection of key development managers that work tirelessly with each consultant to improve their skills in securing sales. With cutting edge strategies and plans, every franchisee can learn from the many decades of experience that are passed on.

Learning together and building success – Day 3

Every Elite Experience offers the highest levels of learning opportunities and luxurious activities designed to elevate consultants and their business growth. Mauritius has been a huge success for each attendee, as well as every other consultant as they can now benefit from our shared increased knowledge of the island. One attendee, Ushma, had this to share with us on her return:

Ushma – Travel Consultant Elite

The best thing about this year’s experience has to the be the introduction of Dave Pope. Dave has worked within the Travel Industry for the last 30 years and he has a huge amount of sales experience and understands the challenges but also that a change in mindset and belief can make a huge difference and ultimately help increase our sales. With the action group being set up we will all have more interaction with him and be able to see how we are doing at a snapshot at any given moment. Sharing best practices of small changes we are implementing that are changing our quotes and bookings conversions.”

We are very glad to welcome each consultant home and look forward to watching their new growth on their journey. The pathway to success can be long and challenging, but we are there every step of the way…

…slow and steady wins the race, with a helping hand from Not Just Travel!
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