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The Millionaire’s Retreat is back!

The Millionaire’s Retreat is an exclusive Travel Franchise mentorship programme that will accelerate your growth

Starting your own travel business can be expensive and slow. 

To be successful, you’ll need the software to make bookings, customer protection, admin staff, branding, a website and marketing material. 

You’ll also need something to sell – which means creating commercial relationships with the hundreds of large travel providers available in the UK.

And that’s before having the time to go and find customers.

It can easily cost well over six figures just to begin, not to mention years to build up your provider relationships and customer base.

That’s why a franchise is the fastest way to create a travel business. You get everything you need to be trading from day one, with none of the hassle involved in creating the infrastructure required.

We like to call it your ‘vehicle’ for success.

But what happens after you join?

After all, it’s no good having a vehicle, if you don’t know how to drive it.

It’s why we place so much emphasis on training, mentorship and business & personal development. 

Here’s what happens once you decide to join:

  • Our onboarding team immediately gets in touch to help you with the process of getting started.
  • Your training dates are confirmed and pre-training guidance is on offer.

Then, you attend your online induction training.

  • This takes place live, online. So there’s no need to travel.
  • By the end of the week, your business is up and running.
  • And you know how to make bookings – many people come to training with quotes to prepare… and make their first bookings almost immediately. 

Our new consultants love the training, with 5 star feedback across the board.

Training is just the beginning

As soon as you leave training, you’re in the care of your own Partnership Manager. 

These are experienced travel professionals that we employ, to help you grow your business at your pace. 

They’re available every day to help you with any problems or queries you may have. They can also help you set your goals and – if you want them to – keep on track to meet them with regular catch ups.

Travel consultant Liam runs his franchise with wife Lisette. He explains how valuable it is to have someone by your side.

“When we were beginners, we needed a lot more help with the basics. Someone to hold our hands and take us through each process. And they’re brilliant at doing that. No-one’s looked down on for being a beginner – we’re all here to help each other.”

Liam also highlights how they love that their Partnership Manager is there to help, not be their boss. 

The phrase we use is “permission-based accountability”.

That means you decide how much help you want and when. 

Liam explains how they work with their current Partnership Manager Dave:

“If we say we’re really busy, just back off a little bit for the moment while we’re doing some other stuff, he says fine. But then when we do go to him and say we want to meet once a week for the next four weeks to hold us to account, he’s always there at the end of the phone, WhatsApp or email to give us advice, or to give us a bit of a prompt, a push or a poke.”

A recent coffee morning Partnership Manager meet-up

The big changes come when you start working on your business, not just in it

There’s ongoing training both online and offline around the country you can choose to attend.

And a major part of your ongoing development is our mentorship programmes. 

The first of these is called the Millionaire’s Retreat. 

Co-founder Paul explained more about how it works recently while on his way down to Heathrow Airport to head out on another of our mentorship programmes:

This is a “money can’t buy” experience

You’ll be learning from successful business owners, multi-millionaire serial entrepreneurs and travel experts.

From the flights & accommodation to world-class education, this is a real VIP experience from start to finish.

In fact, many people tell us it’s worth the cost of the franchise alone.

But it’s not all work-work-work. While part of your time is spent in the classroom, there’s plenty of time to catch up with other travel business owners on the same journey as you.

You can get a flavour of the retreat below.

It’s a great chance to step back, reflect and plan for your next goals

Previously, this took place in a luxury European destination. But, when people couldn’t travel due to Covid, this programme was brought online.

Now, as the biggest ever travel rebound continues, it’s back as an additional optional live event you can attend.

On the programme, you’ll learn the skills, strategy and precise techniques you need in order to:

  • Find better customers who spend more money
  • Be ultra efficient in how and when you work
  • Develop advanced sales methods that never feel pushy

Crucially, you’ll come back from the retreat thinking like a travel entrepreneur, not just a travel consultant.

Consultant Lynn told us what the Millionaire’s Retreat did for her in the short interview below.

“I was really amazed at the number of speakers who came to talk to us… I now have a notebook that’s completely full. We’ve all come away with action plans that we believe in, that are do-able and that we’re excited about!”

Lynn, Travel Consultant

You could be on a Millionaire’s Retreat soon

The virtual Millionaire’s Retreat is included in every franchise from Elite and above. 

Plus, you’ll now have the option to come on a live version where you can spend a week away with us getting focused on growing your business, surrounded by like-minded people. 

To learn more about everything you get to help you grow your business, simply watch our tour now.

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