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Important Announcement: The Money-Back Challenge won’t be available after 30th April 2020

If you are considering joining The Travel Franchise please take the time to read this very important announcement. 

What’s happening?

From 31st March 30th April our Money-Back Challenge (where you can earn your franchise fee back by hitting a travel-sales target) will no longer be available.

The Money-Back Challenge end date has been changed to 30th April to provide more time for you to make an informed decision.

  • The Money-Back Challenge will no longer be available after 31st March 30th April 2020
  • You still have time to join and take advantage of the current Money-Back Challenge.
  • Pay only a deposit before 31st March 30th April to secure your training date in the future and be eligible to get your entire franchise fee back in full.
  • Join before 31st March 30th April and get BOTH the Money-Back Challenge AND every brand new feature in our latest franchise packages.

Why is this happening now?

Every year we get bigger, better and help more people change their lives as they become a Personal Travel Consultant with their own Not Just Travel franchise.

Last year someone joined, on average, every two days.

Because we refuse to stand still, we wanted to pack our newest franchises full of more value than ever before (with many brand new & exclusive additions, all to help you get your business moving as fast as possible). 

Our franchises now come with up to 60 amazing features, including:

  • The highest commissions in the industry
  • An accelerated launch program to get your business moving
  • Even more travel sales training & support
  • All your travel admin taken care of
  • Millionaires Retreats
  • Elite Experiences
  • A brand new personalised travel guide for your customers
  • A dedicated Personal Travel Coach
  • Brand new Not Just Travel Dream Trips
  • The exclusive Vision Business Management System
  • Increased marketing tools, resources and training
  • 1:1 travel sales coaching as you level-up
  • And much, much more.

But that left us with a tough decision.  

In order to provide everything above, we either had to increase the price of our franchise start-up costs or make the Money-Back Challenge much harder for all but a few people.

We really didn’t want to do either; especially as many people start part-time and we know this is a big investment.

So, in order to be as fair as possible to everyone who joins the Not Just Travel family, we’ve invested into our packages so that everyone can benefit and everyone has the chance to make even more money from travel sales.

That means our new Pro & Elite packages – inclusive of new features – are staying exactly the same price.

Absolutely everyone who joins – regardless of whether you start part-time or full-time – now has the chance to make the most of their franchise investment.

  • Pro remains at £11,995 + VAT
  • Elite remains at £14,995 + VAT
  • There are options to spread the cost over up to 18 months
  • You only have to pay a deposit to reserve a training place.

There really is no other franchise so packed full of value in the industry.

If you join before 31st March 30th April you’ll get all the benefits of the Money-Back Challenge AS WELL as all the features of the new 2020 franchise packages

What should I do next?

  1. If you want to get the Money-Back Challenge as part of your franchise, please book your call with Paul as soon as possible
  2. Remember, you only need to pay a deposit before 31st March 30th April to secure your training place at a future date. 
  3. And don’t forget, everything is backed by our new 90 day cooling-off period in case you change your mind.

If you have any questions or want to speak to us, just click the live chat button at the bottom of this page or call us on 0800 084 8128.

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