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The Money-Back Challenge: How to get your Elite franchise fee REFUNDED in FULL!

The Travel Franchise is the only franchise of its kind in Britain which returns your initial franchise fee if achieve our challenge.

Simply sign up on our Elite package, plan and book enough holidays in 12 months, and your entire business start-up costs – £14,995 – are refunded. 

Read our Q&A with co-founder Paul Harrison to find out more

Paul Harrison, co-founder of The Travel Franchise and Not Just Travel

Q. Can you explain the rules of the Challenge please?

It’s quite simple. We give the franchise fee back if you achieve our sales target and sell enough holidays to make £xx,xxx commission in 12 months. You’ll find out the figure when you chat with me before you sign.

Q. Honestly, how hard is it to achieve?

While we love it when people achieve the Money-Back Challenge, it’s not easy – the clue is in the name. It is a challenge and the target requires hard work. But basically if you made two average bookings a week you should achieve it.

Q. How many people have won it and did they work full time (and over time!)?

We’ve refunded dozens and dozens of business owners and while many started part-time then went full-time, some – Ami (pictured below) and Becky have achieved it in as little as six or seven months! Others have only worked part-time or in their spare time and have taken much longer. If you think about it, two bookings a week can easily be done in your spare time. 

Q. Do they tend to have a background in travel?

No. Almost all of them have never worked in travel before, relying on the expert training, support and mentorship provided by the NJT team. You’ll have a business development manager (BDM) to help you and an ops team to help you with any issues too.  

Q. Why do you want people to achieve it if you’ve got to give back £14,995?

We want people to adopt a winning mindset from the get go. If you become successful we do too. Your franchise fee pays for your business infrastructure, booking technology, training and support by travel experts. But if you make enough sales, you generate enough profit to justify us returning that investment. 

Q. Do you think it’s become easier or harder to achieve recently?

Easier without a doubt because as a company we’ve expanded and launched new initiatives which makes it easier to find customers and keep them. For example we have launched a cruise division and cruising tends to have a higher ticket price and higher levels of commission. We also provide social media training, marketing tools and a brand new app showcasing incredible deals from our partners. Mmmm perhaps I should make it harder!

Q. What time of year is it best to start?

That’s tricky to answer as it depends on the person. For example we have a lot of teachers who want to complete the 5-day virtual training in their holidays and mums that want to do it outside of the school holidays! There is still a tendency for the busiest time of the year to be January to March (Peaks) so many people like to launch a business during this time. That said, in 2023 we had record holiday sales every single month and many consultants reported a surge in bookings in August which is typically a slower month. 

Q. Do you have to reinvest the money you win back on the business?

No! Some people spend it on a holiday. Others have taken out a loan for the franchise so pay off their loan immediately. Some just pop it in the bank for a rainy day or put it into their pension fund or pay off some of their mortgage. At the end of the day you are getting £14,995 on top of the salary you’ve earned through commission for the year so it’s really just a really big bonus!

Find out more about our Elite package and the business in our short Discovery video series.

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