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The Not Just Travel Success Ladder

One of the many ways we aim to recognise the hard work of our franchisees is through our Success Ladder. The Success Ladder was created to provide key milestones for consultants to work towards during their time with Not Just Travel and show how far they have come since they began their training week.

Part of our training programme focuses on getting consultants to their first pin level – announcing that they have learned the basics of making sales and processing bookings and can now focus on bulding their business to suit their aspirations. From there the pin levels get higher and higher, always offering a target for consultants to work towards regardless of their time with us. This offers healthy competition between consultants, and can give them a sense of pride and accomplishment when breaking the barrier into a new level!

The current pin levels we have are:


You have made 10 bookings. You are comfortable with loading bookings on our systems and can secure the sale. Your Personal Travel Coach is happy with the progress you’ve made and has high hopes for you.


Your business is beginning to expand and you have developed a strategy for the next few months with the assistance of our Sales Director. You are more experienced in the additional marketing systems available to you, and have been promoting your Personal Marketing Website to establish yourself in your community.


Bookings are coming in and your commission cheques are getting larger! You may even be getting your first repeat booking, that customer service you were taught at our Millionaires Retreat is really coming in handy!


You are well known in your local area as a fantastic source for booking holidays. You are kept busy with all of the enquiries you’re getting, and even looking at marketing strategies to get your name further out there. You have made your first Partners in Travel sale, and are receiving a healthy stream of enquiries and bookings through this channel.


You have become the main breadwinner for the household. Your partner is getting more and more jealous having to leave you in bed each morning for their commute. They are seriously considering leaving their job and joining you. Other friends and family are discussing joining The Travel Franchise and you eagerly invite them, knowing about our referral bonus.


With over £1million in sales, your business has grown higher than you ever thought possible. You no longer need to spend time marketing, with all of your enquiries coming from repeat bookings, word of mouth or one of the several Partners in Travel packages you have sold. You are on the way to your dream life, and have the time and freedom to pursue other interests.

Our Brand Ambassador, Daley Thompson handing out success pins at our Annual Conference 2018

We are absolutely delighted to see so many consultants climbing the ladder each month. With every step comes new challenges and targets, designed to drive franchisees to higher successes.

But wait, there’s more!

Due to the overwhelming success of the current success ladder, we are pleased to be adding additional steps! Our ladder will now grow to the heights of Platinum***, and are even considering 4*! These exclusive clubs will be made up of the top earners within the business, and we will be very happy to congratulate them after smashing through these milestones.

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