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The Power Of Online Landing Pages For Your Travel Business

Not all ‘support’ is created equal. When we talk about marketing support, online tools, and ongoing help we’ll give you and your travel company when you join, we mean it.

Marketing experts behind you…

Marketing is an umbrella term in which many components sit underneath. Whether it’s social media, email campaigns, content marketing (blog), or advertising. You don’t need to be an expert or have much knowledge in any of it, at the beginning at least, as you’ll have an experienced, knowledgeable team of marketing experts behind YOU from day 1. 

You will be backed by a team of enthusiastic and experienced marketing experts, working hard to support all our new and existing franchisees.

Whether it be providing you each week with relevant graphics to share on your Facebook page, sending out engaging email campaigns to your ‘everyone you know’ list, or providing you with a seriously cool destination landing page to generate new leads aka holiday booking enquiries, we’ve got your back.

What our ‘marketing support’ looks like…

Here are personal travel consultants Alan Witt and Penny Jenner to explain just one of the many tools you could get access to…

Meet Penny, who started her travel business end of 2019, joining as an Elite. She wanted to position herself as a honeymoon travel specialist from early on. So, the honeymoon landing pages we provide have been a great way to capture the attention of brides-to-be online and work as a really good-looking ‘business card’.

Penny Jenner, Personal Travel Consultant

How did you get 5 enquiries in the past week from your honeymoon landing page?

There are a number of things I did to get people to visit my honeymoon landing page and reach out to me.

They included sharing the link with all my friends and family, in WhatsApp groups, and asking if you know anyone planning a honeymoon to share this with them.

I also approached a wedding planner I know to see whether she would share the link with everyone she knew.

I’m really active in bridal and honeymoon Facebook groups. When someone has a question I’m there giving advice. It really helps to link out to my honeymoon landing page as a call-to-action, at the end of the comment.

This is an example of a landing page. Penny’s version would have her own picture, business name and contact details on.

If you’re going to specialise in an area, landing pages are perfect. It’s a great way to showcase what you do. 

They are so well put together, it has encouraged people to come & talk to me about their honeymoons.

I found they work much better than my website for honeymoon specific questions. I just love them!

In the past week alone I’ve had 5 enquiries from brides planning their honeymoon.

Penny Jenner

Meet Alan, aged 54. After Alan visited Lapland 4 years ago, he’s been able to share his experience & passion for this magical place with others to help him sell holidays. Lapland holidays have been flying off the shelves, with a little help from our destination landing page, as families look to make exciting plans for Christmas 2021.

Alan Witt, Personal Travel Consultant. Photo credit: Tom Coles Photography

I have received over 100 online enquiries in the past month with my Lapland marketing landing page and have made a number of sales.

I’ve worked closely with the Not Just Travel marketing team to run a Google Ads campaign, which direct people searching online for ‘Lapland holidays’ to me.

This is an example of a landing page. Alan’s version would have his own picture, business name and contact details on.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about joining and planning to use these landing pages?

If you decide to use these great landing pages, like the Lapland one I use, make sure you respond to the enquiries you’ll receive ASAP.

Response time is key as this shows your potential ‘new’ customer how much you value their enquiry.

Whatever destination or holiday type you decide to promote via a landing page, you’ll need a good knowledge of it. Ideally, focus on the destinations you’ve visited yourself.

This sounds blindingly obvious, but the people who enquire will assume that you are an expert or at least know that destination well.

The good news is marketing landing pages like these are available across all our franchise packages. But only the Elite, Supreme, and Entrepreneur franchise packages will have access to these powerful landing pages for FREE, all included in the fee.

Lapland and Honeymoon landing pages are just the beginning. With Staycations, Dubai, and Villas available, and with new ones released every month, there is nothing stopping you to make your instant travel business a success.

You can check out what’s included in our various franchise packages here.

How does an instant travel business with all the marketing and sales support you’ll ever need sound? If you love planning holidays take the first step today with our video tour OR if you’re ready to talk about your plans book a call here.

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