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The power of Partners in Travel

If you have reviewed our website and looked at our Partners in Travel division you will understand that it is created so that our Travel Consultants can go and create a “joint venture” with people or organisations whereby they become their official travel agent. The more people connected with the person/organisation the better chance of our Travel Consultant getting lots of bookings.
Last week one of our new Travel Consultants (only been in the business 3 months) enrolled The Royal British Legion as a Travel Partner.

Not one club but the entire organisation.

Today she went to their HQ and had a meeting with them and here are some of here quotes in an email she just sent to me:

” They are more excited about PIT than me”
” They are actually a massive charity bigger than we can imagine. Did you know they spend a massive £1.6m on welfare alone each week!!”
” They have just under 300,000 Facebook members who they will be sharing their travel website with”

Can you imagine how excited our new Travel Consultant is?

With just one opportune phone call she is now the official travel agent of The Royal British Legion. She can use this to her advantage in all her marketing activities.

Partners in Travel is just one of the many reasons you should consider joining us as a Travel Consultant.

Call today and secure your place.

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