The Travel Franchise Annual Conference

What an amazing few days our Travel Franchise business has had.Why?

There is always a lot of excitement around our Annual Conference, none more so than this year. After a year of breaking all records, winning so many awards and creating so much success, what would our conference hold for everyone?

We did not disappoint. Two days of announcements, education and fun mixed in with our annual Christmas party left everyone leaving on a huge high. Facebook is awash with everyone raving about our announcements, the event and the time they spent with other.

We were of course joined by none other than Double Olympic Gold Medalist and CBE, Daley Thompson, who not only told us his inspiring true story but also led everyone in a little Daley Fitness workout.

Such is the interest in everything to do with our business, this year we were also joined by the press. So what was all the excitement about?

Well, just to give you an indication of what happened at our Conference. here is the NJT Annual Conference in numbers:

2 Amazing Days

3 Big Announcements

3 Big Industry Updates

2 Fantastic Guest Speakers

1 Brilliant Keynote Address

1 Celebrity Training Session

As well as…

160+ Travel Consultants

17 Head Office Team Members

12 + Suppliers and Sponsors

30+ Awards Given To Travel Consultants

27 Prizes Given Away

3 Overseas Trips Won

And let’s not forget…

1 Amazing Comedian

1 Phenomenal Disco

1 Fantastic Christmas Party

One post simply can’t tell you everything which happened our conference.  Keep an eye out on Facebook and on our website for details about everything we announced.

There were some major new launches at our conference so if you would like to know more and can’t wait, call me today and I’ll be happy to share.