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The Travel Franchise has 2020 vision

The Travel Franchise has 2020 vision

We are delighted to unveil Vision – the new business management tool, designed to make business simpler; create a better customer experience and help franchisees increase profits. Created specifically and exclusively for Not Just Travel, it’ll transform the way we work

Predicted to revolutionise the way franchisees run their business, Vision has been created with three key goals in mind: to simplify processes and procedures; to create a better customer experience and, finally, to increase sales and profits.

Because it’s exclusive to us, it’s been built from the ground up with our consultants needs in mind. It also gives head office a better indication of how we can better serve and support the field. What’s more, it’s been built by travel people, for travel people.

In searching for a tool to support the many ways in which franchisees need to manage data, we realised that no other product or solution was right. That is why we invested heavily in creating a personal tool that is so much more than a customer database. This tool will help your business run quicker, easier and more efficiently. And a more efficient business means more opportunity for profit.

The system is easy and intuitive to use, however, we will also be offering various training programmes throughout the year. These training programmes will ensure franchisees can utilize the best functions of Vision. The advantage of this system is that it’s scalable and cloud based and thus it can be developed further and be adapted as the company grows and the needs of the consultants grow. Vision is designed to evolve. The system also incorporates a feedback tool, so you can let us know what works and what doesn’t and what further capabilities you require.

We are very excited to be rolling this out throughout the next few weeks. This is just one of the many new initiatives we have invested in recently to assist in the growth of each franchisee’s business.

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