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The Travel Podcast Presents… Barbados

A Caribbean island, much loved by British sun-seekers. Known for the sun, sea, and friendly people.

The birthplace of Mount Gay Rum and Rihanna, episode 15 takes the Travel Podcast team to Barbados. Joined by Cederic from Barbados Tourism, he gives a unique insight into this island, his home.

Where you will meet the friendliest people on Earth…

From the world-famous festivals that Rihanna returns home for, to the mouth-watering dining options and adrenaline-fuelled activities found on the island, this podcast will open your eyes to this incredible place…

Did you know? Barbados is one of the leading countries for wellness and relaxation.

Hosted by our inspiring Co-founder Steve Witt, with over 100 countries tuning in and one of the highest-rated podcasts in travel…

To listen to more episodes on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts click here.

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