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The Travel Podcast presents…Touring

travel podcast touring

When you join us you’ll be able to sell a huge variety and types of holidays to your customers, including touring. In this episode, our team of experts will debunk the most common myths surrounding ‘touring’.

Touring is in fact one of the most enriching ways to explore a destination, as there’s more opportunity to interact with locals as well as find hidden gems, that you wouldn’t necessarily find alone.

The common myths our experts will debunk:

  • Adventure touring is only for backpackers and active people
  • You won’t have any time for yourself
  • People move in a big group following a flag
  • Tours are fast-paced in order to cram everything in
  • You won’t get to meet the local people
  • Escorted tours are just for old people
  • Tours are more expensive

Hosted by our inspiring Co-founder Steve Witt, with over 100 countries tuning in and one of the highest-rated podcasts in travel…

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