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This Is What You Missed At The Summer Conference

The online conference was opened by Dame Irene Hays, Chair of Hays Travel. Speakers included Matt Davies, co-founder of Mossy Earth (the environmental partner for the company), Rebecca Woolford, Head of Sustainable Travel at Not Just Travel; and Holly Tuppen, author of the book “Sustainable Travel: The Ultimate Guide.”

5 big announcements unfolded at the conference…

1. Not Just Travel Goes Green

One of the main announcements was the launch of our new Climate Hero initiative which is up to 30 times more effective than most other carbon offsetting programs out there.

This is more than just a tick in the box to say ‘look we’re doing our bit’.

We know that real and lasting change is needed if we are to save our planet. We all have a duty to restore, protect and preserve this planet we all call home. Our very existence relies on the health of this planet. It’s time for change.

The Climate Hero Project will be one of the most innovative approaches to the climate and ecological crisis seen in the industry to date, due to the variety of ecosystems each holiday will be supporting and the focus on not just tree planting but also rewilding. Booking a break feels even better every time you go on holiday.

It’s no secret that the travel industry has been a big contributor to climate change and continues to be. Rather than hide away from this, we want this initiative to inspire other travel companies out there to follow suit, as this is something we should all consider a priority. The Climate Hero initiative is just the beginning.”

Steve Witt, Co-founder

Read more about the initiative in Travel weekly here.

2. The launch of an industry-first Key Trade Partner programme

By first we mean the first. This is what the industry is telling us! This is all to do with our key suppliers and the best in the industry in terms of holiday suppliers which you’ll get access to when you join.

Disney, one of our suppliers

3. The vision for the future of travel

At the conference, Not Just Travel and the franchisees were joined by Dame Irene Hays and Jonathon Woodall COO of Hays Travel who shared their vision of the future of travel and how strong our sales continue to be.

Dame Irene Hays

4. Guest appearances from trade partners

There were guest appearances from a number of our trade partners who revealed that our sales continue to grow and exceed previous sales by up to 65%…even in a pandemic.

Not Just Travel Virtual Event

5. A growing support team there for your business

Not Just Travel also announced a number of unique events to be hosted around the UK to continue to support our at-home travel agents.

Co-Founders Steve and Paul confirmed that they were beginning to recruit even more corporate team members to help continue our expansion and growth ahead of the new demand for travel.

Steve Witt & Paul Harrison

“It’s been a phenomenal day and full of excitement. A huge thanks to the 100’s of Travel Consultants who joined us today as well as our special guest for the day.

Steve Witt, Co-founder
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