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This is why EVERYONE joins The Travel Franchise

People ask me what is your USP?
It is hard to say as we have so many:

  • Millionaires Retreat
  • Elite Experience
  • Mentorship Programme
  • 100% Money Back Challenge
  • to name but a few…

… however, for me, the “jewel in the crown” of our business is our Partners in Travel program.

As a Travel Consultant you make money selling travel.

We teach you how to find customers by approaching friends and family, referrals from their friends and family, social media, wedding shows, business events, networking events and the like.

I liken this to fishing with a fishing rod. You are approaching people one at a time.

But what if you had a net instead of a rod. What if you had a trawler never mind a net where you could approach thousands or tens of thousands of people at once – that’s what Partners in Travel is all about.

You can partner with schools, charities or organisations of any size to become their official travel agent. They do all the promotion for you, they tell everyone associated with them to use you and you sit back and wait for the phone to ring.

Here are just a few of the Travel Partners our Travel Consultants have recently partnered with:

  • Liverpool Heart & Chest Foundation
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Royal British Legion
  • London University
  • Retired Police Officers Federation
  • to name just a few…

Do you think the Travel Consultants who partnered with these are excited?

And they don’t have to be household names.

Local schools, churches, sports clubs etc have given us some of the best results so far.

Still considering joining?

Don’t delay as every day you do you run the risk of someone partnering with an organisation that could be yours!!!

And don’t worry if you are thinking “I don’t know anyone in big organisations” neither did our guys – they simply picked up the phone and asked…

With Partners in Travel you are simply a phone call away from great things happening!!!



Learn how it works instantly!

Your instant access to all our presentations is one e-mail away!

Learn how it works instantly!

Your instant access to all our presentations is one e-mail away!