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This is why you should be starting your travel agency now!

Ask any of our homeworking consultants when to launch a travel agency and the majority will say “in time for the New Year”.


Because January and February are traditionally the busiest months for the travel industry.

It’s the time of year when operators launch major campaigns and special offers. They want us all to book our holidays fast. It means they can sell the majority of their inventory for key periods in the year.

The upward trajectory in bookings and enquiries has led the industry to nickname the January to March season ‘Peaks’. It’s a time when some agents make their best sales and commission.

Co-founder Steve Witt says:

“Franchisees typically sell four times more holidays in the early months compared to the rest of the year. As the rest of the year is already very busy, you can imagine what January-March looks like!”

Peaks is typically when most holidays get sold

Give yourself the best chance of quick success

Travel consultant, Ami Wood, joined with no experience during winter. She achieved £100k in her first month of business (January 2022). She’s since gone on to be nominated for an award as one of the best new agents in the industry.

“I joined to work one day a week as a hobby but I’m now aiming to hit £1 million sales in my first year. It’s changed my life. It’s a job I love and I’m getting paid to do it.”

This is your last chance to make the most of Peaks 2023

Starting now means you’ll have the chance to be trained and trading before Peaks.

Travel Consultant Sian told us she was worried about training, but found it quick and easy to get started in just 5 days.

“It was just such a seamless, easy process to get into The Travel Franchise.

I was actually really surprised at how easy it was. I expected it to be really complicated and really overwhelming, and it wasn’t.

The training was really concise. I didn’t feel left on my own. We were really supported, and we had a good group of people that were all in the same boat.”

You’ll also be able to make the most of both the latest trends and our unique franchise benefits.

  1. You can start your Money-Back Challenge quickly (with more bookings). So you’ll have more chance to get your franchise fee back in full.
  2. You’ll be part of the most dynamic, award-winning UK travel franchise.
  3. You’ll make the maximum from all the new tools, technology and team members we’ve invested millions of pounds in. We’re ready to support a forecasted huge 2023 for our franchisees.
  4. You’ll capitalise on the demand for Personal Travel Consultants right now.
  5. And finally… has 2022 been a year that’s made you ready to make a career change? If it has, why not make 2023 finally your time for a New Year, New Start?

We’re now down to the last training weeks of the year.

Book a call with us using the form below and find how you could be selling holidays before January!

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