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Timing is everything…

As we enter the final month of the year I want to help you with your decision to join us based on timing.
Although the travel industry is busy every week, never mind every month, January & February are the two business months. So ideally you want to be up and running and confident and competent by this time.

We have one place left in training for September 21st training.

Two left for October 5th training and five left for November 9h training.

On October 16th we have our latest Millionaires Retreat in Marbella.

The perfect scenario is to attend September or October training and then the Retreat. This way you will be fully trained and prepared for January and will be able to get a couple of months experience before it arrives.

Not so ideally but still ok is attend training in October, November or December but not attend the retreat.

You will still be ok, still have been trained and ready to do bookings but obviously its not as good as the first scenario.

Whatever happens we will fill the trainings and the retreat, so it snot about us its about you.

When do you want to start?
Do you want to maximise the January sales?
What are you waiting for?

If you want to attend either the September or October training along with the Retreat you will have to act fast, so don’t delay – give me a call on 0151 7243534


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