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Top 10 reasons why (you think) you CAN’T become a travel agent

When it comes to making a change in our life, we often come up with excuses. So let’s take a look at what’s really stopping you

I’m too nervous to make the change

It’s the things in life that we DON’T do that we often regret the most. Being nervous is completely understandable. That’s why it’s vital you join a respected company that has a strong and successful track record. 

The Travel Franchise was established more than 20 years ago. In that time, it’s changed and developed as we’ve fine-tuned the successful business model you see today. With a cabinet bulging with industry and business awards, we’re the perennial winner of the trophy for the Top Homeworking Travel Agency in the UK. 

We’re recognised as an innovative, influential, technologically-leading and proactive player in the industry. We pride ourselves on staying one step ahead of the game, leading the way within the sector. Only this month did we announce the launch of our game changing Not Just Cruise website which will transform the way our agents sell.

And if you want further reassurance of our standing in the industry, simply take a look at our management team. Sitting on the board you’ll find some of the most respected and experienced industry heavyweights. In May of 2023 we announced that former CEO of the giant Der Touristik Group UK and MD of tour operator Kuoni, Derek Jones, was joining us as non-executive director.

But, our key selling point is YOU. You are our utmost priority. 

At The Travel Franchise, we recognise that our success is wholly dependent on your success. That’s why we invest so much into your training and are there to support you as your business develops. Many of our agents leave their first training session so eager to get going that there’s no room for nerves. 

But, if you feel the nerves might get the better of you, then why not dip your toe in the water first. Some of our agents run their business on a part-time basis initially, or even in their spare time alongside their current jobs. This gives them the time to build up their confidence and learn the ropes without pressure. However, if you take this approach, we bet you’ll soon be jumping in full time and feet first!  

I can’t take the financial risk

Setting up a business of your own can be a pricey exercise.

But the great thing about joining The Travel Franchise is that once you’ve paid your package fee, that’s pretty much it. There’s no stock to buy and as you’re working from home means, overheads are negligible. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. 

No one wants to feel ripped off, so we’ve priced our packages competitively. We always encourage potential franchisees to do their research first and we think you’ll discover that, considering all the ongoing training and the daily support you’ll receive with us, you’ll see what a good deal we’re offering. 

For as little as just £2,995 (+vat) you could join us on our Lite package – ideal for those wanting to ‘dip their toe in the water’. This option is popular with those franchisees who perhaps want to continue with their current jobs (and salary)  and run their travel consultancy on the side. So in effect, they are increasing their income. 
Having said that, our most popular package is our Elite package at £14,995 (+vat). This gives you access to our overseas Millionaire’s Retreats and Elite Experiences. It also enters you into our Money-Back Challenge – reach a certain number of sales and we’ll refund you your franchise fee! Yes, you did read that correctly. Essentially you get your business for FREE. Now we can’t make it cheaper than that! 

Discover how Becky Westaway won our Money-Back Challenge

Working in travel sounds great fun but I need to earn money 

Can we let you into a secret? Working as a travel consultant can be both lucrative and fun! 

Earning six-figure salaries is not uncommon among our franchisees. Let’s tell you how they do it. For every holiday package you sell, you earn a commission. That’s how it works among all homeworking travel agencies out there. But the key difference for Not Just Travel agents is that you earn among the highest commission levels in the industry. 

Typical commission for a hotel package is around 10-12%. But for a cruise or an adventure holiday it’s typically 15%-20%.

While it’s difficult to say how much you’ll actually earn, we do know that the average commission per booking in 2023 is £390 – that’s up from £274 in 2019. And of course, that’s for an average booking. You may, just like Emma, land a cruise booking worth £123,000! Or, perhaps you might be as successful as Reshma and sell £1.2m in just 18 months.
Our consultants have proved that it’s quite possible to generate £35,000 a year – and many earn far more (we’re talking hundreds of thousands each year) – and they have fun doing it!   

I’ve never worked in travel before

Then you’ve come to the right place! That’s the big point of difference between us, The Travel Franchise, and other homeworking travel companies – we purposely set out to attract new talent to the industry. Around 98% of our franchisees have never worked in the travel industry before. We recognise that, using the skills you have already learnt throughout your various careers to date, and with the life experience you’ve gained, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t be a fantastic, successful travel consultant. It’s all about having the right training and support in place. 

During your initial five-day training course, our team of experts (who do have decades of experience in the field) unveil all there is to know about how the travel industry operates; who sells what; how the systems work; how to book; how to upgrade….

After this, the training and learning continues on the job. Every franchisee is appointed a business development manager (a BDM), who is there to guide and advise you whenever you need help or encouragement. 

And then, depending on your package, you’ll be invited to join us on our Millionaire’s Retreat and Elite Experience overseas, where you’ll enjoy in-depth workshop sessions and mentoring opportunities.
So, what you don’t know about travel can all be learnt. What is key is a love for travel and a passion for offering great customer service.

I’ve never owned my own business

And neither have the majority of our franchisees when they join us. Going into business on your own can be a daunting prospect. But when you join The Travel Franchise, so much of the prep work has been done for you. Essentially, you’re buying a “business in a box”. We hand you the products, the booking tools, the marketing materials and have got all the red tape covered, ensuring every holiday package you sell is bonafide and you and your clients are safe should anything go wrong. You’ll even have a Business Development Manager (BDM) on hand to help you fine tune your business plan and help you set goals.
While you’re your own boss, you’re not alone. You’ve got the backing of us and the business model that we’ve fine tuned over the past 20 years.   

What if it’s not a success?

Chances of success are far higher when you opt for a franchise model than if you start your own business independently. 

While 20% of small businesses in the UK fail in their first year, the statistics for franchises is vastly different.

According to NatWest, less than 4% of franchises fail each year. Furthermore, over 90% of franchises are profitable within the first two years of business and 50% turn over more than £250,000 annually.

In these turbulent times of economic uncertainty, it’s also reassuring to hear that most franchises remain resilient due to investment by the parent company. This is certainly the case with The Travel Franchise. Only this month (June 2023) we announced a further £1 million investment in recruitment and this is in addition to the £2.4 million we already invested since the beginning of 2022. 

But, having said all that, it’s essentially down to you to make your business work for you. We put all the tools in place for you to make it a success. Your BDM  is the first person to turn to when you need guidance, motivation and reassurance. They will also be the first person to congratulate you when things go well. Your BDM will have years of travel industry experience, so they know what works and what doesn’t. So the question need never be: “What if it’s not a success?” Instead, you’ll be asking: “How do I take my business to the next level?”  

I’m rubbish at selling

If you were selling double glazing, we’d understand this concern. But, the great thing about selling travel is quite simple – it’s travel. Who doesn’t LOVE talking about travel? And who doesn’t LOVE going on holiday? It sells itself. So much so, that we don’t think of this business  as traditional ‘selling’. In fact, we don’t consider our consultants to be salesmen. It’s more about relationship marketing – creating the right experience for your client. You’re making their dreams a reality. 

What you’re actually doing to taking the stress away from people. It can take over eight hours for them to research a holiday – and yet, they still don’t really know if they’re making the right choice. As a personal travel consultant, you do all the leg work for them (although it’ll take you a fraction of the time – but don’t tell them that!).

I don’t know enough people to sell to

That’s what you think. The reality is, you know far more people than you know (if that makes sense). And those people know people and those people know people…. Get the idea?

As we’ve already said, travel is an emotive subject. People like to talk about their travels – and that news in itself travels fast. 

With social media these days, you can soon get the word out there  – oh, and we help you with that too, by providing you with an on-going stream of social media posts.  

Most of our new business owners start off by approaching friends and family. Do you have kids and know any of the  parents at school? Tap into your local sports clubs. Hit the high street and spread the word among local businesses. Set up a stall at the local market. Join your local BNI group – Business Network International – where you’ll garner support from other small businesses in the area. 

Within no time, you’ll have established a core group of clients and watch how it all just happens. Before you know it, you’ll be getting referrals and repeat bookings, with most people booking 2.5 holidays a year that’s an awful lot of trips to plan  

I’m a single parent

In that case, joining The Travel Franchise could be the ideal solution! Being your own boss means YOU call the shots. You can work around your child’s or children’s timetables. You can schedule client calls for when you’re able to focus best. The fact that you can work from home – or anywhere there’s an internet connection – means you don’t have to build in commuting time either. 

Many of our franchisees are single parents and they’ve specifically chosen this path to allow them the flexibility to juggle their priorities. 

Read here how single father Chris has managed to bring up his son alone while establishing himself as the go-to travel guru in his local area.

I love to travel but I haven’t been to every destination

Who has? There wouldn’t be any travel agents out there if travelling to every destination in the world was a criteria for the job. A passion for travel is key but so is organisation, attention to detail and empathy for your customers. Today, thanks to the internet, and to our ongoing training, you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips. And, if you haven’t been there, you can bet one of your Not Just Travel colleagues will have. Just pop a question on our forums and the answer will pop almost instantaneously. Sharing information among consultants is what it’s all about. 

And of course you can go direct to our suppliers and our Key Trade Partners for advice – very often they’ll even compile an itinerary for you to present to your client. 

What’s more, you’ll soon find yourself working through your bucket list of destinations when you take up opportunities to join us on our educational retreats and familiarisation trips. And if you want to travel independently, chances are you can do it for less when you tap into the special deals and exclusive offers open to agents. Can’t be bad ha? 

OK, so what’s your excuse now? As another well-known brand says: Just Do It! What’s stopping you? Watch our Discovery video, book a call with our co-founder and make the change. 

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