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Top 10 tips for finding customers. Think you don’t know enough people to sell holidays to? Think again…

One of the biggest barriers often stopping people signing up as a travel consultant is the belief that they won’t have enough customers. 

A fundamental part of the training when you start with us is helping you realise that, in fact, you will. Plus, the other thing to consider is: you don’t need as many potential clients as you may think. 

Just 40 clients can generate around 100 bookings as most people book an average of 2.5 holidays a year. The key is to encourage them to book with you! 

We asked Paula Barker, one of our Business Development Managers for her tips .

1/ Friends and family

It all starts with a very simple, yet vital, list – let’s call it your “Everyone I Know List”

These are the people you’re going to approach to introduce to them your new business. They don’t have to be ‘friends’ in the true sense of the word, just people you might say ‘hi’ to. 

First off is the obvious one: friends and family. They are likely to be your initial supporters and the ones to help you get your business off the ground. 

Also consider your neighbours, work colleagues and club members. Spread the word via emails, posters and a good old-fashioned leaflet drop. 

2/ Hit the high street

Many shops have notice boards. Pop up a leaflet in your local hairdressers, supermarket or community store. Don’t forget the local library. 

3/ Back to school

If you’ve got children of school age then you’ve got a head start here. Spread the word via the class Whatsapp groups or emails. And if you haven’t got children in the local school, perhaps your friends or family would do the honours for you. Another way of reaching the local families is to take a stall at the next school summer fete or Christmas fair – so contact the school directly to find out the dates and details.

4/ Make an exhibition of yourself

Do some research to find out when and where the next wedding fair may be held that you can exhibit at. You just need a small stand and some marketing posters or leaflets to spread the word to all those couples looking to book a honeymoon. 

5/ Get networking

Many of our consultants join the local branch of their BNI – Business Networking International. This can be a fantastic way of garnering support from the other small businesses in your area, all of whom will help spread the word and refer you to their own clients – and vice versa. For some of our consultants BNI has proved to be a fantastic business stream.

6/ Be Social

Where would we be today without social media? Whether you like it or not, social media is vital to your business today. Via Facebook or Instagram, you can build a following and a reputation as being the “travel guru”. Encourage your followers to like and share your posts and before you know it they’ll be referring you to their friends – and that’s how the net widens. 

And don’t worry if you currently know nothing about how it all works, from head office we’ll provide you with not only the basic training, but also the regular posts! This will allow you to schedule the weekly posts in advance so you can keep up with all the bookings. 

7/ Public opinion

If your customers are happy then encourage them to shout about it. Potential clients will be reassured when they read great reviews about you on sites such as Trustpilot, Google and Check A Trade. It doesn’t cost anything to have a Google Business page, so this is a good starter. 

8/ Word of mouth

Even when you do nothing to promote yourself, just doing a good job will reap you the rewards because your happy customers will spread the word.  

9/ Business to business

Ask anyone you use for a service eg your hairdresser or accountant to use you to book their holiday. 

10/ Become a Partner in Travel 

Our Partner in Travel scheme allows you to join forces with a local company or charity, whereby they promote your travel service to all their staff or members. It’s seen as an added perk for the company to be able to offer a bespoke service in which everyone’s a winner.  

Hopefully, this may have allayed your fears about finding customers. So, waste no more time, sign up today and start making bookings.

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