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Top Tips for Success - The Travel Franchise

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As a successful franchise business, we have built what we believe to be a recipe for success. Here are our top 5 tips for create a success franchise business and these apply to any business, not just ours

1. Take Massive Action

The results you get are directly proportional to the work you put in. If you want to get massive results you need to take massive action. It sounds logical, but you will be amazed how many people do not do this. Example: You want to be the number 1 supplier of a product in your local town, you need to  dominate the town and be there when anyone turns around!

2. Work The Numbers

You don’t need to be great at maths. Keep it simple. If you know that you can sell your product (lets say holidays) to 25% of everyone who makes a holiday enquiry with you, you need to take 4 enquiries to make a sale. If you therefore need to sell 4 holidays to hit your target income, you will need to talk to 16 potential customers.

3. Be Prepared to Get Uncomfortable

Running your own business isn’t always easy, if it was, everyone would be doing it! Sometimes you need to be prepared to do the things which aren’t easy, the things which others aren’t willing to do. It’s what will make you successful.

4. Plan for it to be HALF as good as you are imagining

We all get carried away when making our business plans. Also, you can’t always plan for things which you don’t know about. To ensure you have enough money set aside, assume your business is only going to be half as successful as you first though in your first 6-12 months. Hopefully it will be twice as good, but it is better to be prepared. Certainly we will teach you and show you how to achieve great things.

5. Follow the Plan

You are buying a franchise because you want to copy an existing proven model. Therefore listen and learn from the people who have a proven business model. Don’t try and make changes until you have tried it their way. Make you business successful and then start making changes if you want to.

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Meet Co-founders Paul and Steve and learn about The Travel Franchise at our Discovery Roadshow
Meet Co-founders Paul and Steve and learn about The Travel Franchise at our Discovery Roadshow