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Train in just 5 days from the comfort of your own home

Once upon a time, in the olden days, all our new travel consultants would have to pack a bag, leave their families, arrange for someone to look after the dog and make the journey to Bournemouth to complete their five-days of initial training with us. 

Not any more. 

Those were the days before life as we knew it changed and Covid became a household name. It was a time of immense change. Although we all were forced to stay behind closed doors, technology advanced at such a pace that it allowed us all to continue to see each other – albeit on a computer screen. It was considered such a novel way of socialising and doing business. 

Today, meetings on Zoom or other virtual platforms have become the norm. We all recognised the freedom this technology gave us. In fact, nowadays, we question the need to meet up face to face. 

Hence, no longer do our new agents have to head to the south coast. They can train to become a Not Just Travel consultant in just five days from the comfort of their own homes. 

Over these past two years, we’ve fine-tuned our online training to make it more interactive, seamless, effective and fun. 

All you need is an internet connection and a computer and the rest just falls into place. 

What you’ll learn in virtual training

Here’s an insight into just some of the agenda for the virtual training week. 

The Business

  • Introduction to Not Just Travel, our story and values
  • The experience of booking a holiday, your USPs

How the Travel Industry Works

  • Understanding the travel industry
  • What products do we sell
  • Popular destinations
  • What makes a great travel agent

Setting up your Business

  • Your business name
  • Self-employment/tax
  • Registering for VAT and ICO
  • Getting a business bank account
  • Do you need an accountant?
  • Great communication

Launch Plan

  • Launch plan overview
  • Creating a list of everyone you know
  • Creating a launch plan
  • Creating a Facebook page
  • Teasing on social media
  • Setting targets

Finding customers

  • Why do people book with NJT?
  • Where do we find customers
  • The big question about price

NJT Systems and tools

  • Meet your executive board
  • What does NJT do for you
  • Setting up your NJT email address
  • The Hub


  • Facebook groups
  • Facebook group notifications
  • Intro to flights
  • Low-cost flights
  • Scheduled flights
  • Flight classes/rules
  • Flight consolidators
  • Commission on flights
  • Flight ticketing

Different Types of Travel

  • Short haul/long haul
  • Package holidays/dynamic packages
  • Tailormade
  • Cruise
  • How to know which to pick

Business Management Tools and Marketing

  • Vision 
  • Introduction to contacts
  • Building your list
  • Your personal marketing website

Meet the Team

  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Trade
  • Business Development

What happens once training is over? 

Once your training week is over we don’t just leave you to it. Our training and mentorship programmes run continuously.

But don’t for one second think it all happens on a computer screen. Once you’re qualified, there will be loads of opportunities to meet face to face – but you may be travelling a little further than Bournemouth as you pack your bag and passport to meet us on one of our exotic retreats overseas! 

If you’re interested in securing your place today, click here.

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