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You get ongoing travel training with your franchise

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You get pre-induction training

Before you do your live training course, you’ll be given some pre-induction training to do online. This prepares you to get started quickly as well as getting important tasks completed.

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5 day live training course

Your live training course takes place online, so you can do it while you’re at home.

This course gets you ready to make bookings. You’ll learn about the travel industry, plus how to use the special travel agent software and exactly what to do.

You’ll also learn about business building, finding customers and getting started fast as a travel entrepreneur.

Naturally, you can’t expect to know or remember everything from 5 days training.

That’s why you get a dedicated Personal Travel Coach who’s by your side from the minute you finish your initial training.

It’s also why travel & business training is an optional, ongoing feature of your business.

Plus, we’ve got The Hub, where all of the knowledge and educational material you might want to reference is housed.

Find out more about training in part 4 of our tour.

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New franchisees love the training course

Hear from new franchisees after they finish training. It’s a tough but exciting and rewarding week. Once they finish the course everyone can’t wait to get going and booking holidays.

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You get a Partnership Manager

Your partnership manager is by your side everyday. They’re there to help answer any questions and to help you deal with situations that are new to you.

These are travel consultants with years of experience and millions of pounds in sales generated.

Ask yourself: How much would it cost to hire a dedicated coach to be available if you had to fund this? 

Partnership Managers are exclusive to The Travel Franchise and just another example of how we’re here to support you long-term.

"My PM was always with me"

“My PM was always planning with me even though I wasn’t actively working on the business yet.

I was fully supported by the NJT office team.”


Sarah, Travel Consultant

"Instrumental to my success"

“My PM was instrumental in helping me achieve success within Not Just Travel’ said Emma. He was always on the end of the phone when I needed support and advice and championed me every step of the way”.


Emma Spring, Travel Consultant

"Helped with my first booking"

My first ever holiday booking as a certified travel agent was made about one week after I completed the initial training. I needed help with the quote and my PM helped me all the way through it”


Deepkamal Dhillon, Travel Consultant

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Get mentorship from our Sales & Training team

Our sales and training team are there to help travel consultants be the best they can be. There are regular webinars and live training sessions that teach you how to sell travel in the most effective way possible. 

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Travel training is continuous

There’s more travel training available to you on an ongoing basis. We have webinars from internal travel experts and external suppliers (who teach you what you need to know about their products and destinations).

You can also attend regular in-person events around the country – such as our Big Event in March that included specialist training on cruises and a special appearance by John & Irene Hays from Hays Travel. 



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