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Get all the software you need to be a travel agent

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You get access to iSell - our travel agent software

iSell is part of the Hays Travel booking system. It allows you to manage all of your bookings for your customers. It powers billions of pounds in travel bookings every year.

You get fully trained on the iSell system in your initial week with us. After that there are also videos available online as well as a downloadable operations manual. 

This system is web-based. That means you don’t need a powerful laptop to run it and there’s no software to download. 

The system itself becomes easy to understand as soon as you start to use it. Your training will get you comfortable and knowledgeable with doing everything you need to be able to. Plus, the training team and your Business Development Managers are always available to help.

We’ve found that even consultants who don’t think of themselves as technical find the system easy to learn once they get shown what to do.

Watch part three of the video tour for a full run-through of all the software you get.

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You also get access
to our unique
business management system: Vision

Vision is our completely bespoke business management system. It’s a fantastic compliment to iSell, as it allows you to keep track of all your prospect and customer relationships as well as giving you a better view on your business as a whole.

Vision has been created with three key goals in mind: to simplify processes and procedures; to create a better customer experience and, finally, to increase sales and profits.

Learn more about Vision here.



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