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Travel Consultant Elite – David Walker

Let us introduce you to David Walker, one of our Travel Consultants.

David lives in Nottingham and was a Global HR Director in his previous career earning a 6 figure annual income. Having worked for some major companies David has lived out in the Middle East for 18 years.
When he contacted The Travel Franchise, David had become tired of all the travel with his job and although he earned great money he just wanted a new challenge in his life.
David has never worked in travel before but this did not put him off.
An avid traveller David has been to more places around the world that pretty much anyone we know, and when you see his passport (see pic) you will know what we mean.
David was the first person to join The Travel Franchise with our Travel Consultant Elite package. He thought “If i’m going to do it I may as well do it properly – no half measures”.
He started his business on 1st May 2014 after completing his training and has not looked back since.
In June 2014 David attended a Millionaires Retreat in Lanzarote and it was here he really knew he had made the right decision.
Remember, David has lived abroad for 18 years so he doesn’t have a lot of UK contacts, but he knew with his friends and family, Social Media, networking events and wedding fairs he could make a start.
We jump forward to January 2015 and David has just passed the £100K in sales barrier – for January alone.
This is a fantastic achievement for someone who is only 8 months in to his business.
This total also ensures he has completed our Money Back Challenge and is now due 100% of his investment back!
David’s story is not typical, but it is real and is achievable for anyone who joins our business.
He is 8 months into our business, has made 100% of his money back, has made tens of thousands of pounds already (in fact he will make over £10K this month alone) and he has enjoyed a Millionaires Retreat as well as an all expenses paid education trip to Florida from one of the tour operators we deal with.
I was talking with David yesterday as he passed the £100K in sales barrier and he was obviously very proud.
We discussed his achievements and he said his biggest booking, which was last year, was for £56,000 which took him in total of 5 hours to work on. He made over £5K on this booking!
If you are considering joining The Travel Franchise then ask Paul Harrison, our Franchise Director if he can put you in touch with David. **Please do not contact him direct as he is very busy and will only speak with you by appointment through Paul**
Look out for more success stories like David’s over the coming weeks.
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