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Emma cashes in three times over, and becomes our first Travel Consultant to sell their franchise

Emma Spring bought a travel franchise, followed the guidance and support she was given from Co-Founders Paul and Steve and within two years was able to sell her business for a profit

Emma joined Not Just Travel in July 2017 after deciding to work for herself and have a break from her current career; she had previously worked in education.  Emma was introduced to The Travel Franchise via another Travel Consultant who she had booked a holiday through; he later became her Personal Travel Coach whom Emma says played a major part in helping her achieve The Money Back Challenge. The Money Back Challenge is a unique incentive Not Just Travel offer to all their franchisees, simply put, if you hit certain agreed targets within your first year, you get your franchise fee back in full.

“My Personal Travel Coach was instrumental in helping me achieve success within Not Just Travel’ said Emma. He was always on the end of the phone when I needed support and advice and championed me every step of the way”.

My Personal Travel Coach was instrumental in helping me achieve success within Not Just Travel

As well as achieving the Money Back Challenge, Emma also achieved her Platinum Pin in the first 12 months. Bronze, silver, gold and platinum pins are recognition of achieving milestones in sales.

Emma hired a member of staff who ended up buying the franchise

After a year of trading, Emma hired a member of staff and her franchise became ‘The Two Emmas’. Emma Owen joined Emma Spring’s business with a wealth of experience in the travel industry and assisted the business in going from strength to strength. In September 2019 Emma Owen bought the business from Emma Spring.

So, in the two years she spent with Not Just Travel, Emma Spring not only earned her franchise fee back with the Money Back Challenge and made a decent monthly income from holiday sales, but also was then able to profit from selling the franchise. “Despite no longer being at the helm, I’m not completing walking away as I am slowly phasing myself out of the business, I still have many clients who have booked through me to travel in 2020 and I’ll still be on hand to offer the personal service we pride ourselves on up until and whilst they travel.”

Emma Owen left, Emma Spring right

Not Just Travel teaches franchisees the option to sell their business

Franchisees are all taught about the multiple options available to them once they’ve made their initial investment. Building a business to sell is one of them, and the business very much supports this strategy. This is however, the first time that a Travel Consultant at The Travel Franchise has actually done it. It highlights that there are multiple options available once people have made their initial investment.

Emma says that her success with her franchise was a combination of having an outstanding Personal Travel Coach and being inspired by Co-Founders Steve Witt and Paul Harrison. ‘I am exceptionally proud of my achievements to date with this business; being a money back challenge winner and platinum status has taught me an exceptional amount. I could not have achieved this without the outstanding guidance, support and friendship from my coach, the brilliant team in the office, great leadership from Steve and Paul and an exceptional business model which sets its franchisees up to succeed’.

Well done to both Emmas! This just shows you have options when you buy a franchise with The Travel Franchise.

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