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Travel News: What holidays are people buying now?

This week we’re taking a look at some of the latest travel trends from our Personal Travel Consultant’s customers

This year, people’s holiday plans have obviously been changed. But one thing that never goes away is the British public’s desire for a holiday – even if it doesn’t mean flying long-haul.

Here’s some of the latest ‘inside information’ you might want to know about what’s happening

Are people still taking holidays?

  • Very much so. In fact, customers can’t wait to get away from home post lockdown.
  • Using a Personal Travel Consultant has proved increasingly valuable & popular for customers. It means they’ve always got someone to look after their best interests. 
  • Our consultants are also able to help protect their customers with our special Covid-19 travel insurance products.

What’s selling most?

The top selling locations for 2020 are as follows:

The UK is out in front

With almost 22% of our latest bookings, “staycations” are massively popular (and still create brilliant commissions). You’d be amazed at the variety of holidays you can take at home…

Greece & Turkey are in second place

These two locations share a combined 36% of current bookings, with Greece slightly more popular at 18% of total bookings this month so far.

Luxury long haul is proving popular

People are also booking lots of luxury trips to the Caribbean and The Maldives…

..and finally, there’s plenty of interest in Spain and the USA, with bookings already being made right through 2021.

What’s happening if people can’t travel to a destination?

People are desperate to get away. Wherever possible, consultants are helping them switch their plans easily. For example, customers who may have initially wanted to go to Spain have been switching to Greece or Turkey instead.

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