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Two Money Back Challenge Winners in Two Weeks

Gilly Bachelor is the second winner in as many weeks to have earned her franchise fee back in full!

The former corporate marketeer who joined The Travel Franchise in January 2019 says she couldn’t have achieved it without the support of her amazing family and Personal Travel Coach.

Why Gilly chose The Travel Franchise

In her life before The Travel Franchise Gilly, 50, from Brewood in South Staffordshire, worked for companies such as Natwest and BT, and more recently was Director of Strategy for a marketing agency in Shropshire. She decided she wanted to bring to an end a period of apathy and take control of her own destiny doing something she was passionate about.

The Travel Franchise was the first of the various travel franchises she had come across, she did her research and looked no further.

How Gilly became so successful so quickly

In order to earn your franchise fee back (The Money Back Challenge) you have to hit certain targets within your first year. If you achieve this, you are making a success of your business. Gilly is the second person to have achieved this in the last two weeks, but how has she done it? Gilly attributes her success to both her supportive family, her Personal Travel Coach, and her persistence and hard work.

“I’ve got an amazingly supportive family network (both emotionally and practically) which includes my husband Brian, my four step children – Stuart, Phil, Paul and Jess (and their partners, Emma, Aimee and Dan) and my sister and her husband – they’ve been beyond amazing”.

Gilly with husband Brian

Having a supportive family alone, doesn’t get you to be successful, and as Gilly quotes “I’ve worked my socks off, early mornings, late nights, even working while on holidays”, Gilly has been hardworking, persistent and motivated since joining the business.

Gilly has a wonderful office (built by her husband and stepson) which has allowed her the professional space for customer appointments and networking events with the likes of Saga, Sandals and solo travellers.

Gilly’s office ahead of her Sandals event

See Gillys office opening party

Gilly’s largest booking to date was a family safari holiday for someone she worked with over ten years ago. She has also booked a number of Honeymoons. Gilly cares about every single one of her bookings, no matter the size, she see’s every single booking as important as the other, every holiday needs to be perfect.

“Someone is trusting you with their time and money, regardless of what they’ve spent or where they’re going it needs to be perfect (for them!).”

What would Gilly to say to anyone thinking of joining The Travel Franchise

“This has been the perfect choice for me, but it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Having the Money Back Challenge incentive has really driven me in my first year. If you love travel, you’re customer-focused, willing to work hard and follow the advice from Not Just Travel then it could be perfect for you too”.

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