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Update from Portugal

Wow, what an amazing week it has been so far! We are on the final day of our 14th Millionaires retreat and are so pleased at the level of engagement from all of the consultants we have invited.

At The Travel Franchise, we cultivate an unprecedented level of entrepreneurial spirit that promotes incredible growth, both for us as a business and all of the business owners that have invested in a franchise.

To see this in action, you only have to look at the exponential growth we have experienced since our inception. 5 years ago, Steve and Paul invited 12 people to our first retreat in Marbella. Now we have a full corporate team assisting them with 82 consultants, part of an exclusive invite list of 537.

Upon our return, we will tell you all about how and why this was our best retreat yet! In the mean time, follow us on Facebook and Instagram where you can see live updates and catch up on what we’re up to

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