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UPDATE: How your travel business will be part of the climate solution

When you start your travel business with us, every booking your customers make can be part of our Climate Hero initiative.

By joining The Travel Franchise we make it easy for you, as you’ll already have everything in place for you to get started from day 1. 

We have a fantastic environmental partner in Mossy Earth, who are already working hard on rewilding projects around the world. From restoring forests in Scotland to protecting seagrasses in Portugal, every holiday booking your business takes can support these critical projects. 

Watch the latest update from Hannah

One of the UK projects mentioned above is restoring the Caledonian forest in the Scottish Highlands, to help to lock up carbon and bring the landscape back to a wilder state with every booking. 

Historically, much of the Scottish Highlands were covered in a forest of majestic Scots pine and colourful trees, home to a diversity of plants and animals. Today, the landscape is empty of these unique woodlands and many of the species that once thrived here have been lost. 

Hannah from Mossy Earth has sent us this great video update on how the project is going:

It’s not only the right thing to do, any business with environmental and social ethics speaks directly to a growing number of consumers who are ‘voting with their wallet’. 

While corporate philanthropy isn’t new, it won’t come as a surprise to you that we are in a ‘do-good’ renaissance where companies across every sector are giving back.

It’s about more than doing good in the world. Research shows it increases brand loyalty when you practice it genuinely. Giving back increases engagement by sharing a mission and purpose outside of making profit.

If you’d love a travel business that creates more than just great profits, find out how when you watch our online presentation.

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