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Unique Vision software to help you run your business

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Vision is a unique way to run your travel business

Exclusive to Not Just Travel, this tool has been created to streamline your business and put the customer experience at the fingertips of every travel consultant.

Because it’s our own software, it’s been built from the ground up with your needs in mind. It also gives head office a better indication of how we can better serve and support you. What’s more, it’s been built by travel people, for travel people.

No other product or solution was right. It’s so much more than a customer database. This tool will help your business run quicker, easier and more efficiently.

Vision also helps you in a number of other ways:

  • Allows you to track enquiries better in a way that is right for your business – not an off-the-shelf CRM system.
  • Allows our coaches to design and tailor coaching according to your needs. If you’re struggling to close certain sales and want help finding out why, then we’ll know what training you need.
  • Can be accessed via a phone, allowing you to work on the move and easily capture data. Being cloud based means it’s ‘always on’ and accessible anywhere, on any device.
Learn more about the tools & technology we give you in part three of the tour.


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