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Special online discovery event, Thursday 10th June

Paul & Steve hosted this one-off online event with 4 of our franchisees, some of who joined during the pandemic yet still achieved the Money-Back Challenge… so their franchise is free!

Plus get a very special offer that we’ve never, ever had before by watching before Sunday 13th June.

Limited time online – watch now!

Why holiday sales are booming

Ben told us what he’s done to keep his business growing throughout lockdown.

Danny talked about the amazing prices & peace of mind he’s been able to offer customers.

Louise explained how customers are booking their trips right through to the end of 2022 already.

And all 3 shared how January was a huge month for future bookings (and earnings) with some exact figures about what travel they’ve sold.

Why we started our businesses now

Katie shared why she didn’t want to keep doing something she wasn’t passionate about.

Ross talked about how he feels like he’s found his purpose again and everyone can see it.

Zoe told us being made redundant was the final straw before deciding to become her own boss.

Plus all 3 share their experiences of training and starting their businesses during the pandemic – and how they’re making it work in their favour.

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