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Welcome To The Family, Amanda & Russell!

Did you know that someone new joins us on average every 2 days?

Meet Amanda and Russell. A great duo who enjoy traveling all over the world. They are looking forward to planning other people’s trips in their new business with Not Just Travel.

Amanda is a recruitment consultant and Russell is a chemical processor manager. They decided after years of helping their friends and families plan holidays, that it was time to use their passion for travel towards bringing an additional income. We caught up with Amanda to find out more…

So, why did you choose the travel franchise?

We did a lot of research into various travel companies out there. It was clear that The Travel Franchise fitted our set of circumstances better than anyone else out there. They offered us the flexibility we needed. The Travel Franchise didn’t demand a full-time committment like many other companies did, as we still have our jobs for the time being.

Tell us about your first ever booking as a personal travel consultant?

I did a booking for a family of 6. It was for Disneyland Paris and I also helped with all the airport transfers. It was for my sister, but it still counts!

All the best to Amanda and Russell in this new and exciting chapter. We look forward to seeing them again at one of our training sessions or events.

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