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Welcome To The Family, Amy Howerd

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Meet Amy Howerd. A mum of two, Amy was looking for a travel business in which she could work around her young daughters and part-time administrative role. For many years Amy and her husband, both keen travellers, had been organising holidays for friends and families.

Despite working part-time on her travel business, Amy has already seen huge success in being a personal travel consultant. In just 4 short months she has already met 50% of her Money Back Challenge target. Where she can earn 100% of her franchise fee back. Read more about the Money-Back Challenge here>

We caught up with Amy to find out more…

So, why did you choose the travel franchise?

We had booked holidays for families and friends for quite a while before we started to consider running a travel business. We spend at least 12 months looking at the different options, we really took our time before making a decision. The Travel Franchise was a no brainer based on the support they offer. As we had no prior travel experience so this was key for us and they were clearly leaders in the market.

Tell us about your first ever booking as a personal travel consultant?

During my initial 5-day training week in Bournemouth a booking enquiry came through from my husbands colleague. My trainer helped me to find suppliers and I got a quote out on the Thursday. I had my first booking on the following Saturday! So it all happened very quickly.

The holiday booking was to Walt Disney in Florida. My family and I have been lucky enough to have visited countless times, so we are known as the ‘Disney experts’ amongst friends and our wider network.

All the best to Amy as she continues to grow her business. We look forward to seeing Amy at one of our ongoing training sessions or events and catching up with daily in our private support Facebook Groups.

If this story has inspired you, simply visit our discovery centre to get started today. You’ll gain access to our amazing video tour which will tell you everything you need to know about the company, commissions you can earn, the lifestyle and much more.

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