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Welcome To The Family, Ann Botterman

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Meet Ann Botterman. Previously in Human Resources in Investment banking in London, working in the travel industry was a real change of career.

With a huge passion for travelling and planning holidays for friends and family. After a while, Ann started to wonder whether it was possible to turn her passion into a business, which led her to The Travel Franchise. As the kids were growing up it was the perfect opportunity to do something she had always loved.

After leaving banking in 2009 Ann moved to Portugal, where she still lives and operates her travel business from today. Ann said:

There is an expat market in Portugal which is great for me. Plenty of older people who live here and who are looking to travel, but don’t speak the language or know where to go. They are happy to have a cup of tea and talk about their travel plans with me.

We caught up with her to find out more…

So, why did you choose the travel franchise?

After I decided on a Franchise set up as it would give me the flexibility to work from wherever I wanted to, create and grow my own business whilst still having support from a well established larger company. I looked at various options and decided the Travel Franchise was the one for me. I very much enjoyed watching the many hours of online videos which were available on the website. It gave me a wealth of information and got me excited to get started! I also felt that I could relate to the people who featured in the videos and imagined myself part of that team.

Tell us about your first ever booking as a personal travel consultant?

I finished training on January 24th 2020 and made my first booking a week later for a city trip to New York. It was for a business trip for my sister. It was a flight and hotel.

All the best to Ann as she continues to grow her travel business from home. We look forward to seeing Ann at one of our ongoing training sessions or events and catching up with daily in our private support Facebook Groups.

If this story has inspired you, simply visit our discovery centre to get started today. You’ll gain access to our amazing video tour which will tell you everything you need to know about the company, commissions you can earn, the lifestyle and much more.

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