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Welcome To The Family Charlie Eales

Meet Charlie, aged 22, who lives in Hertfordshire. After being in business for just a couple of weeks he invested £50 into boosting a Facebook post, which brought in 2 bookings to the Maldives, for the total value of £7,109!

Enjoying a boat trip in Lake Como, Italy

When you join you get access to some incredible holiday deals. There was one in particular that caught my eye.

It was a 7-night holiday to the Maldives for £1,299 per person. All-inclusive. I thought, ‘Wow, that’s a deal!’

I decided to put the offer up on Facebook and share it, I invested just £50 in boosting it and got quite a lot of interest.

I’ve since had 2 bookings off the back of it. In fact, one person upgraded from the 7-night offer to a 10-night break.

Investing just £50 to get a total booking value of over £7k was pretty cool!

Saying this, Facebook isn’t my only strategy going forward. I’m going to be connecting with local businesses to take advantage of the ‘Partners in Travel’ initiative by Not Just Travel. I’m looking to work with the barbers, a dog groomer, and a members club.

Partnering with other businesses is my biggest focus to drive more holiday bookings.

Charlie enjoying golfing

What brought you to start a travel business?

Being my own boss was a big draw for me. The freedom and flexibility it brings working from home or from wherever you like.

It seemed to me that right now was the perfect time to be doing this. Everyone is so desperate to get away and go on holiday.

I had worked for a golf tour operator for the last 3 years, so I had some customer experience and knowledge to draw upon.

My uncle is a very successful businessman. In fact, he’s just sold his last business, which he also ran from home. He’s been a bit of a mentor for me which is cool.

Which franchise package did you choose and why?

I had my savings at the ready and went for the Lite package.

It’s such good value for everything you get. 

You get all the suppliers, competitive rates, you get really professional booking systems, you get the ABTA and ATOL licence, which I know would cost a bomb if you did it yourself. You also get a really nice website.

The training was great considering it was online. Having a personal travel coach like Ben who’s always happy to help is really helpful too.

On holiday with the family in Turkey

How has your experience been since you first discovered the Travel Franchise?

I discovered The Travel Franchise when searching on Google. After watching the tour I booked my call to talk about the next steps.

It was really refreshing to speak to Paul, the Co-Founder and host of the video tour.

To see that Paul is still very much a part of the business was great. I wasn’t speaking to a salesperson or recruiter. I was having a conversation about becoming a partner in his business.

I could sense the passion he had for the business and what they do to help people become successful.

When I first joined I was undecided whether to do this part-time or full-time. But after training and hearing all the success stories I decided to go all in.

I handed in my resignation that week and I’m now full-time. I want to give this travel business all my energy, attention, and focus.

What you put in you get out after all.

Charlie and his girlfriend enjoying the sun in Barcelona
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