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Welcome To The Family David Wallace

Meet David, age 51, who lives just outside Edinburgh. After being made redundant twice, he’s bounced back with a complete career change.

David Wallace

Only 3 weeks since David started his travel business, he’s had bookings from both people he knows and people he’s never met. With his new travel business, he’s got inspiring plans to help plan holidays for the deaf and hearing impaired.

David getting hitched in Vegas with Elvis!

After being made redundant a 2nd time in 6 years, I knew I needed a total career change.

I wanted something different from life. 

After completing training, despite it only being my 2nd week in business, my personal travel coach encouraged me to do a Facebook live, as he knew it would bring me results. 

When I did the Facebook live, my wife did the sign language in the background. 

I had 2-holiday enquiries in my inbox the moment I finished the Facebook live, it was great!”

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What did you do before you joined to start your travel business? 

I joined the army when I left school. During my career, I’ve worked as a driver for G4S, I’ve delivered luxurious cars, and have had a number of management roles.

So, you could say worlds apart from owning my own business or working in travel.

Which franchise package did you choose and why?

I chose the Pro franchise package. 

Spending £15,000 made me feel 100% committed to this new lifestyle and business. 

I was in a great position because I had the capital behind me and I wanted to go all in. 

The Lite is a great option, but it wasn’t for me as I wanted access to the Money Back Challenge.

I wanted the chance to win my franchise fee back

You’ve been in business for just 3 weeks and you already have quite a few bookings, can you tell us a bit about them?

The first booking came in after a call from a friend, she was looking to take her family to Orlando. I chose to work with the supplier GoldMedal, which you’ll get access to when you join. 

Ben, my personal travel mentor helped me with my first booking to get it through ok and on the system.

The training week is great and intense. I didn’t feel ready to jump straight in with the systems when my first booking came in, so having a personal travel mentor there is priceless. 

Now that I’ve done so many bookings I feel much more confident. 

The bookings had all been from people I knew until… 

Yesterday, when I got an email through my professional travel website, which you also get when you join. 

It was from someone I didn’t know, an enquiry for a honeymoon for a couple getting married in Aberdeen. 

Being big on social media has really helped. 

Turns out a friend had shared my travel Facebook page which is really great as it gave me free exposure and advertising. 

You learn all about how important social media is in the training, and even long after the initial training week is over

David in Turkey with his family

What motivated you to start a travel business now? 

Two things.

First, I wanted something different. Second I know this is the perfect time to be a travel consultant as people are desperate to get away. 

My wife works with a deaf charity in Scotland, and the plan is that my new travel business will help plan dream holidays for deaf people, to help this often overlooked community. 

Hotel chains are not doing as much as they should be and I want to be a part of this drive for change.

What’s been the highlight so far? 

That first-ever booking feeling was incredible! 

And yesterday, an enquiry from someone I didn’t know was amazing. 

The ‘Partners in travel’ is something that really excites me. I have so many businesses and connections I can reach out to for this. It will take my business to another level

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