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Welcome To The Family, Emily Wilson-Benner

Meet Emily, Wilson-Benner, age 37, she lives in Nottingham. 

Emily is a fully qualified accountant, she competed for the gymnastics Midlands team and was even part of the British training team. She has two disabled, rescue cats, and loves nothing better than packing her bags and jetting off on holiday.

Emily’s favourite place to visit is Marco Island in Florida. Now a certified Personal Travel Consultant, following her training, she has already secured her first few bookings.

With beautiful beaches, nature, great shopping, and incredible food…

Marco Island is our happy place.

Emily and her husband

Which franchise package did you choose and why?

I choose the Elite Franchise Package. I made this decision quite early on, to be honest.

I also spoke to David Walker, a friend of mine, who is also a franchisee and he recommended the Elite to me.

Why did you decide to start your own travel business?

Multiple reasons. I’m a fully qualified accountant and have worked hard over the years. But my true passion has always been travel.

I started my own travel business as I thought why not become my own boss, as I know how to operate a business from a financial point of view.

I knew I was missing the sales experience and other skills to be a travel agent at home, and I needed the extra support and guidance.

Lockdown was the lightbulb moment for me. It was a turning point where it made me reassess what’s most important.

It was very stressful at the time, I was doing 14 hours a day, with my accountancy job.

I knew of a travel agent who was also very successful at it. I thought why am I sitting in my kitchen, feeling low, and sorry for myself when I could be living a life like that.

My stress levels have fallen through the floor, since joining, there is such amazing support. 

I’ve always worked to travel. Now I want to marry my passion for travel with my work. 

What made you choose The Travel Franchise in the end?

I did have a look at 3 other travel franchises out there. I actually got no response or follow-up from the others.

I already book my holidays through Not Just Travel, with David Walker. So he was my first point of call.

Paul’s video tour on the website was really detailed and it gave me confidence.

After watching it I went away and crunched some numbers… I knew I could make it work.

What was your first ever holiday booking like and where was it for? 

The very first-holiday booking I got as a Personal Travel Consultant was a 4-night break to Wales, which later resulted in a cancellation.

It didn’t matter, as the experience of speaking to a customer, getting the quotes, and then dealing with the cancellation, were all things I needed to learn anyway. 

I got another booking shortly after this from my sister in law, brother in law and niece. They are booked in to go to Turkey in October half term 2021. They are off to a 5-star all-inclusive hotel. 

From accountant to Personal Travel Consultant it just felt completely natural. Like it was meant to be.

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