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Welcome To The Family, Howard Lucas

Meet Howard, who lives in Cornwall and is a ‘youthful 51’. Choosing the Elite franchise package, one of Howard’s main motivations to join was his family.

Howard completed his online, live training last week and is now a certified Personal Travel Consultant.

Howard is a pretty cool dad, he is a trustee of a youth surf club, where his eldest daughter surfs. He is also a fan of baking sourdough bread.
After a long night shift of sitting alone in the dark for 8 hours (as an aviation security officer) Howard started to dig through some old emails looking for an old contact.
By chance, he came across a 3-year-old email from The Travel Franchise. This was the moment that set in motion a new chapter…

Which franchise package did you choose and why?

I had looked at The Travel Franchise 3 years ago in-between jobs. It wasn’t the right time back then so I had forgotten all about it.

That was until I came across an old email after a long night shift.

After staying up to watch the video tour into the early hours of the morning, I was intrigued by the Lite Package.

After speaking to Paul the Elite Package was what I decided on in the end. It just felt like a better fit for me.

For most of my working life, I had my own business, but access to good business coaching was something I had never had before. I wanted as much support as possible.

Why did you decide to start your own travel business?

The whole COVID situation and lockdown made me realise I wanted to work from home again. I was keen to spend more time with the family, to be more flexible with my hours.

Currently, my job means I can only spend one weekend every 6 weeks with my family. This isn’t how I want to continue to live my life.

A big motivation for me is to book regular family trips abroad. I want to earn more than I do currently.

I have 2 daughters, one 12 and the other 14. They have never been abroad before with us. Our holidays have always been in Cornwall.

I dream about taking them on a holiday to Orlando, or to the Maldives before they grow up and leave home.

What made you choose The Travel Franchise in the end?

I didn’t look at any other franchise options out there before making the decision, to be honest. 3 years ago I remember I had looked at other travel franchises and remember thinking that they didn’t look as good.

I loved Paul’s delivery on the video tour on the website.

There was so much great information on the tour and across the discovery center. It’s so helpful and it looks so slick.

When it came to speaking to Paul, I was sat with my blank notepad, I said to him ‘I know I am supposed to have questions at this stage but I don’t have any’…

I know of 3 other people who have joined in Newquay alone, but that didn’t put me off from going for it.

Have you always dreamt of your own travel business? Take a look at our franchise packagesOr reach out to our team on live chat.

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