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Welcome To The Family: Natasha and James

Meet Natasha and James, they live in Berkshire with their 4 dogs. This travel loving couple joined with the Elite franchise package, with more marketing support and training.

Both working other jobs, Natasha in the NHS and James in IT, their goal is to have more freedom and time to travel.

Natasha and James love to travel as much as they can

“When we got a £20,000 booking it was an amazing feeling! The enquiry came from my beauty business. It was a lady who had just booked in an eyebrow wax with me. This initial £10 turned into £20k for us. It was a holiday to the Maldives which was initially for 2 people, it shortly turned into a group holiday!”

Natasha & James

Natasha and James at the latest physical Not Just Travel event

How soon after the training week did you get your first booking?

“We finished training at 3pm on the Friday and by 4.30pm on the same day we had our first booking. Moreover, it was from a complete stranger! 

The booking was for a couple for the Maldives, travelling in 2022. 

The moment we signed up for the business after speaking to Paul, we immediately started networking around the pool, as we were actually on holiday in Barbados. We created a Facebook group and invited everyone we knew to it.

We went into training as prepared as we could be.”

Why start a travel business now? 

“We had a really bad experience as a consumer after booking a holiday with another company and then having to cancel due to the pandemic. This bad experience was a catalyst to saying ‘we could do this so much better’.

I currently run another business in the beauty sector, but my husband has always wanted a business.  

When my husband first presented the travel franchise to me, I wasn’t convinced. My first reaction was to say ‘have you heard covid?’. But after watching the video tour, reading reviews, speaking to others out there I knew it was for us.

The one thing all our friends know us for is our passion for travel. So, this is a natural step for us, it wasn’t surprising for anyone we knew.”  

What’s the dream, what’s the end goal? 

“We aspire to be like the McCardies. The couple who have recently reached £4 million in sales.

They define success to us as it would mean we can give up our other jobs and focus solely on my beauty business and the travel business. 

This will bring us more freedom, it means we can travel more.”

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