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Welcome To The Family, Peter Woodman

Meet Peter Woodman. Aged 37, he’s based in the beautiful Cotswolds. Travel is what Peter lives for. His friends use to always refer to him as ‘the guy who was never home’, as he was often travelling around the world.

Backpacking before, during, and after University, and even long after that. Peter loves to be on the move, but these days he is looking to settle down and slow down a bit more.

That’s why becoming a Personal Travel Consultant at home was perfect for Peter. He still gets to talk about his all-time favourite subject every day.

What was your first-holiday booking like and who was it for?

It was a booking for one of my brother’s friends after he shared my Facebook post.

It is for a 4-night trip to Scarborough. I’ve booked a lovely apartment on the seafront for him and his family.

It was relatively easy to organise, as the family was very open to ideas. I felt very confident in my suggestion on where they should go, I knew they would love it there.

Why did you decide to start your own travel business?

I have always worked in travel. I even did a degree in tourism a long time ago. I knew that the chapter of always been on the move was coming to an end for me, so that’s why I started to look around and found The Travel Franchise.

I was a tour guide for the last few years, taking groups across Europe, it was an incredible adventure I look back with fond memories. I had also lived in Spain for 11 years, where I organised school trips for American kids.

I wanted to stay self-employed and utilise all my knowledge from years gone by. I was thinking about it for 2 years before I decided to commit to something new and joined Not Just Travel.

What made you choose The Travel Franchise in the end?

The sheer number of positive reviews, all saying the same thing, about the support you get when you join won me over.

Not Just Travel is always innovating and giving franchisees more support and products to work with. There was not a negative word said about them by anyone.

I was trying to find a reason not to go for it and I couldn’t find one.

If this has got you thinking about starting a travel business, watch the video tour to get started today. Alternatively, if you are ready for the next step, simply reach out to our team on live chat. Just click on the icon on the bottom right of the screen.

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