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Welcome To The Family, Ruth & Todd!

Did you know that someone new joins us on average every 2 days?

Meet Ruth and Todd. A great duo who came to one of our discovery days where they met Paul our Co-Founder and knew straight away that running a travel business was for them. With their 2 daughters, it was important that they had a business that was flexible around their busy schedules.

Ruth has her very own beauty business which she will continue to run alongside, as she loves working with her clients and it’s a great place to pick up new customers for their travel company. Todd is a general manager for an aviation company and he looks forward to supporting Ruth.

We caught up with them to find out more…

So, why did you choose the travel franchise?

The amount of support and the training really stood out to us. We looked at different franchise companies, but the overwhelming support particularly following your initial 5 days at head office was something that we couldn’t find anywhere else.

Tell us about your first ever booking as a personal travel consultant?

Our first booking was for a flight to Athens. It was actually for my husband’s barber, which just shows you can get a customer from anywhere!

All the best to Ruth and Todd in this new and exciting chapter. We look forward to seeing them again at one of our training sessions or events and catching up with them daily in our private Facebook Groups.

If this story has inspired you, simply visit our discovery centre to get started today. You’ll gain access to our amazing video tour which will tell you everything you need to know about the company, commissions you can earn, the lifestyle and much more.

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