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Welcome To The Family Soraya Makorie

Meet Soraya, aged 40 from Milton Keynes, who joined us with the Supreme package.

Close friends describe Soraya as someone who is always smiling. Back in Africa she often did rock climbing, abseiling, canoeing, and even bungy jumping!

She loves to travel but hasn’t done very much, she hopes her new travel business will change all that when the time is right.

Which franchise package did you choose and why?

I chose the Supreme Package, the highest level possible.

I chose this one as I knew that I was going to give it my all. I didn’t want to be half-hearted in any way.

I wanted every bit of support that was available, the entire experience, and all that was going to help me become a success. 

We have a family saying which is… Sometimes it’s best to shoot for the stars and hope for the best, whilst keeping the faith.

Why did you decide to start your own travel business?

I’ve studied travel since I left school. I went to university and studied international tourism management with business at Middlesex.

I started my own business whilst at University in 2013 in corporate catering.

After graduating in 2014 I built up the catering business from there.

When COVID-19 hit I really had to think outside the box and fast. There was nothing left for the catering and events industry.

SO, I decided to go back to basics. After all, tourism is what I know best.

I went online and did some digging around. I looked up how to start a business and found The Travel Franchise.

After watching the video tour, it didn’t take very long at all to realise this is what I wanted to do.

What made you choose The Travel Franchise in the end?

The Travel Franchise came across like a BIG family to me.

There is so much support and it really comes across in the videos.

I thought why start a travel business alone when you can be part of something much bigger?

There were no more than 4 days between watching the first video in the tour and then speaking to Paul on the phone. It felt right so I just went for it.

Deep down I’ve always had a passion for tourism, although I’ve taken different paths over the years, it now feels like I’ve come full circle.

Have you always dreamt of your own travel business? Take a look at our franchise packagesOr reach out to our team on live chat.

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