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Welcome To The Family, Tracey Carter

Meet Tracey Carter, aged 49, who lives in Suffolk.

Tracey was a dental nurse for 13 years, she then left the role to have her 2 daughters, before becoming an activity coordinator for a care home.

Tracey is now a certified Personal Travel Consultant following her online training.

Tracey plays for a local mixed rugby team, Dale her partner is also her coach who initially came across the Travel Franchise and suggested the idea on a quiet Saturday night in, she didn’t hesitate… she joined the following Tuesday.

Her travel business has already sponsored a player in the team for next season and she is working on becoming the official travel consultant for the club, as part of our Partners in Travel.

Tracey Carter, Personal Travel Consultant

What was your first-holiday booking like and who was it for?

My first-holiday booking as a Personal Travel Consultant was a holiday to Thailand for a lady who I use to work with. The booking was for her and her daughter to stay in a 4-star hotel, for 14 nights, in Phuket.

When my first booking went through I nearly popped open the Champagne, I then decided I would wait to celebrate when I reach the bronze level with the franchise. It’s part of the stepping stones and goals the team will give you to help you grow your business.

Why did you decide to start your own travel business?

As an events coordinator, I changed to a different care home, following COVID-19. It was a new home with not many residents, everything changed after that…

My partner then came across The Travel Franchise online, it was all his idea. I instantly felt very excited about the prospect of starting my own travel business, I was also a bit apprehensive.

We both love travelling, with Thailand and Singapore being our favourite.

Dale suggested the idea to start a travel business from home with The Travel Franchise on a quiet Saturday night in. By the following Tuesday, I had joined, signed, and was ready to start my online training.

It all happened quite fast, I didn’t want to sit on the idea.

What made you choose The Travel Franchise in the end?

As my partner was the one who instigated the whole thing the credit should really go to him.

He runs his own franchise business called Lazy Lawn in Suffolk, which has been really popular especially following COVID-19.

We took the time to watch the amazing video tour with Paul, to understand how it all worked and what to expect when starting a travel business from home.

If you’d like to take the first step just like Tracey did, watch the video tour here. Or reach out to our friendly team on live chat.

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